Phil Minns, email

WHILE in no way professing to be an expert in New Idea stories, I canít help but bring to your attention the big whoopsie in your article on Aussie car songs (SM, Oct í17). Little Pattie was actually Patricia Thompson (nee Amphlett, aunty of Chrissy Amphlett of Divinyls), whereas Bert Newton is married to a different Patti Ė Patti McGrath.

There was also no mention of The Newcastle Song by Bob Hudson, about Normie and his FJ.

And with regard to Chiselís HQ454 Monroe, I heard Barnsey being interviewed and he admitted that he did have to look up the meanings of some of the words he was singing.

RIGHT you are about the Pattie mix-up, Phil, though Patricia Amphlett was actually Chrissyís cousin, not her aunt.