Brett Abraham, email

JUST flicking the pages of the October edition, and my jaw dropped when I reached Your Stuff on page 29. Kid-in-a-candy-store excitement came over me when I saw Michelle Neuman’s letter about her husband Jeremy’s LH Torana. I don’t often think of past cars, but that thing has never left my mind.

I’m a Ford guy, but turn the clock back to the mid-to-late 90s and that pink LH ripping up the Summernats burnout pad was unforgettable! Pink – not my go; Holden – no thanks; but this pink Holden’s centrifugal blower, massive revs, sweet finish and Jeremy’s driving style was in my opinion the best out there! Michelle described it perfectly – it did sound like a jet.

Thanks for the memories SM and Michelle – such a shame to hear of the demise of the car. Somehow all true legends are dead.