LAST month on streetmachine.com.au we published a story about how there was a new Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous car-tyre burnout. The previous record of 103 skidders was set at Street Machine Summernats in 2015, at ’Nats 28. The new title-holders are a group from Saudi Arabia, who got together 119 tyrefryers to celebrate Saudi National Day. You can watch the video on our website. Surely Aussie burnout enthusiasts aren’t going take that lying down? How do we remedy such an affront to our reputation? Here’s what you had to say.

Peter George – Only 119? That can be easily beaten if arranged in Australia. I reckon we could get close to 1000 cars to do a burnout all at once.

Bobby Patrick – This won’t last long; we’ve had it, then we broke our own record.

Summernats is just ’round the bend anyway – let them have their 15 minutes of fame!

Chris Wilkens – What about we up the stakes and have 150 cars on the back of trailers getting towed on the highway doing burnouts?

Rowan Gordon – I reckon Australia could win it back in a local Coles or Woolies car park on a wet dole day with all the siiiick VN skid pigs!

Matthew Cooke – I reckon they needed more angles on that; there were a few that weren’t producing smoke so they shouldn’t have been counted. Attendance doesn’t get you awards like junior footy!

Justin Daly – Gotta admit, that looks pretty cool! Couple of points though: Not one high-horsepower old-school street machine to be seen (and many stock-looking cars).

And look closely at the cars; there’s many in there not even doing burnouts. Either they lost their nerve, had something go wrong or, in my opinion, they’ve stacked them with any car to make it look like there’s more cars there taking part than there actually is.

Eddie TJ Dickson – Arrange it properly – have it the same time in every state, 100 cars a state. I mean we are Australia after all, that could easily be done with the right people organising it.

Rob Haslam – I’ve seen LYNCHY produce more smoke than that.

Anthony Burns – At least it isn’t the Yanks; they can’t skid.