HEREíS an exciting new product for those looking to convert a good old-fashioned V8 to an aftermarket EFI set-up. Haltechís brand new terminated engine harness suits big- and small-block Ford, Chevy and Chrysler V8s. It features a simple plug-and-play design with an integrated Haltech six-circuit fuse and relay block.

Featuring a two-wire connection to a distributor ignition module, it can be easily converted to an eight-channel individual coil ignition by using Haltech high-output ignition coils with a plug-and-play terminated ignition coil harness kit. Itís compatible with both Hall Effect and VR-type crank and cam sensors, and also plugs directly into commonly used MSD flying magnet crank sensor setups.

There are plug-in connections for sensors such as manifold pressure, fuel pressure, oil pressure, air temp and coolant temperature, as well as several user-definable inputs for things like nitrous pressure or wastegate pressure. For more information, head to



PRICED from just $245, Castlemaine Rod Shop now offers a range of high-torque starter motors to suit popular engines such as small-block and big-block Chev, Ford V8s and sixcylinders, Chrysler V8s and six-cylinders, and Holden V8s.

Offering 1.9hp and full adjustability, they are physically smaller and crank faster than OEM starter motors. Visit for more information.



KEEN to LS the world but not yet ready to turn your back on a traditional small-block Chevy? You may be able to have the best of both worlds! World Productsís Motown II LS block allows fitment of LS-style cylinder heads to a Gen 1 short block, with provisions for both LS and smallblock- style engine mounts, meaning they can be fitted to cars configured for either style engine. The block accepts small-block water pumps, distributors and oil pans. Summit Racing offers a 427ci Best of Both Worlds short motor combo based on this block, which is good for 641hp. Head to for more info.



IF YOUíRE retrofitting one of GMís enormously popular LSA engines into an older car and youíre not planning on running air-conditioning, you need a revised drive system.

This accessory drive kit from Chevrolet Performance is based on the hardware from a Cadillac GTS-V, but tweaked to do away with the air-conditioning compressor. The kits include all brackets, bolts, tensioners, pulleys and belts, plus an alternator, power steering pump, and an instruction sheet for the installation process. For more information, hit up



THE DeWalt 9M Laser Distance Measurer is a beaut little pocket-sized measuring tool. DeWalt reckons this pintsized gadget is likely to be the smallest laser distance measurer in the world, and itís the perfect substitute for a tape measure. The unit features an internal Lithium-ion battery and a USB charger, so you can charge it in the shed, the home or in the car. Head to for more information.



AFTER experiencing success in the European market, Fireball premium automotive detailing products are now available in Australia. Fireball Premium Active Snow Foam and the Premium and Ultimate Shampoo range are super concentrated, delivering great value for money. Pictured we have the Premium Active Snow Foam, Premium Car Shampoo and Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam, available through Zero Tolerance Motorsport. Head on over to for more information.



THIS Pro Billet blower pulley hub is made in Australia by BG Engines, and itís everything you need to adapt a bottom blower pulley to a Powerbond harmonic balancer for an LS engine. It has a six-bolt configuration and accepts the factory-style harmonic balancer bolt. The blower pulley hub is available on its own, as part of a comprehensive blower kit, or anywhere in between. Head to for more information.