Christian Mason, via Facebook

HEY guys, I would like to congratulate you on an amazing live feed from the Holden Elizabeth plant. We travelled from Hobart in Tassie to be part of the day in my VQ Statesman (2900km round trip). I have told my mates and family to check out the live feed to see what it was like to be there on not only the last day a Holden would roll off the production line but the last day of car manufacturing in Australia full-stop. I found it very informative and respectful and think it will go down in Australian history as the video that all passionate car enthusiasts like myself will watch in years to come. I have watched it a number of times and it still makes me emotional.

I have a VK 134 pack I purchased nearly 20 years ago and removed the engine to rebuild 17 years ago. I also have my grandfather’s HX Caprice he purchased new in 1977. Pop passed away on Boxing Day last year. Both of these cars are mint and stored at my North Hobart mechanical workshop. My parents purchased the VQ when it was only 12 months old. My wife and I bought it off them about 12 years ago and my wife drove it for 10 years as the family car before we upgraded her car and I took it over. It is now my daily driver.

My intentions were to go the Holden Elizabeth plant and be there with the car and my teenage boys and get some nice photos and say in years to come: “We were there that day.” We succeeded and more. My youngest son is seven and is autistic, so he stayed at home with mum.

Once again, guys, thank you so much and congratulations on everything you do. By the way, I buy every issue of Street Machine and have over 4000 Australian car magazines spanning 50 years. Keep up the great work.