STREET Machine road-tripped to the Holden plant in Elizabeth, South Australia, on the final day of production (see page 50), where hundreds of enthusiasts had gathered to pay their respects to the fallen lion. Our live Facebook video prompted an outpouring of your comments.

Marty Miller – Thank you, Street Machine, for doing this for the people that couldn’t make it there. Paying my respects to everyone involved at Holden.

Mark Mason – Dude, this is heartbreaking.

Adam Helgeson – Sad day for all car lovers. I’m a Ford man but have so many fond memories as a kid in the back of my dad’s EH wagon and Monaros. So sad for SA and all the workers right down the line.

Terry Lee – SA’s biggest funeral gathering.

Heather Griffiths – Thanks for the footage. Very comforting to see, but also gut-wrenching. Wish we were there with all of ours.

Linda Dey – I should have taken my Holden Adventra there.

Ryan Anthony Allison – Someone better pop a set out front. Wouldn’t be Aussie without a fully sick skid as a send-off.

Matt Alvarez – I’m in Texas and I can’t believe Holden is stopping. I’ve always wanted a Holden.

Ernie Villa – Thank you from the US for the G8 and the GTO and the Chevy SS.

David Shooks – As a true blue Ford owner I say: What a shame! Another fallen solider.

Milo Kadamus – A very sad day and Australia should be disgusted with itself for allowing this to happen. Shame on all of us!

Geoff Gardiner – Slowly but surely Australia is dying as a self-sufficient country thanks to our disgusting filthy corrupt politicians and we are letting it happen. How sad.

Brendyn Wardell – It’s just another way Australia has dropped its standards!

Trevor Rothall – Not the government’s job to keep it running. GM have squillions of dollars. If anyone thinks our government is to blame, their heads are either in the sand or up their arses. GM wastes millions every year. Holden died years ago. GM is to blame.

Matt MattyBhoy Elliott – Great to see so many faithful Holden fans turn out to pay tribute to our Aussie and South Aussie icon. Thanks to everyone who rocked up. Holden fans are the best. Long live Holden.

Jason Schulz – RIP Holdens. What a massively sad day in the Australian automotive industry. I worked there back in 2003 so it’s an extremely devastating day.

Michael Lamparelli – I love you, Holdens. I love you so much. You fed my family, paid off my mortgage, paid for all my kids’ schooling, and brought me to retirement. RIP.

James Mears – I had a chance a month or so back to take a tour of the plant – great cars and great people still holding their heads up high, proud of the product they were building. Thank you for the cars.

Morgz Bailey – It’s sad to see Holden go but to me the beginning of the end was a Nissan motor in the VL.

Richard Bartczak – Holden manufacturing has stopped but enthusiasts will keep them alive.

Andrew Brown – A day of mourning. We should all be allowed to go home from work.

Ben Riley – Every year on this day should be National Holden & HSV Day.

Leonie Phillips – Saddest day in Australian history.