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“BOUGHT my in 2008. VN Commodore 3.8-litre Buick V6 engine conversion done, engineered through OG Speed Shop. But a niggling oil leak turned into a full rebuild in late 2015.

A Hurst Pro Rachet shifter now operates a shift-kitted Turbo 700 trans, which runs back to a BorgWarner LSD with 3.9:1 gears.

Brakes are discs all ’round, pulling up the Dragway Indy 15x6.5 and 15x7 wheels. The paint is Ruby Red Metallic. I have now replaced just about every part on the car, but rather than doing a full resto the focus has been on keeping it off the road for as little time as possible; plus stumbling into a sum of money big enough to fund such a venture all in one go hasn’t happened!”

I BOUOUGHGHT mymy LC inin May 2008 I had a V


“THIS is my first car, which I bought a year ago when I was 16. It’s a 1969 HT ute with a 202 and three-on-the-tree. Since I have owned it I have refurbished the interior to the original colour and pattern, lowered it, and installed a disc-brake front end.

I don’t drive it often; it’s just my weekend cruiser.”


“HERE’S my recent purchase, a 1975 VJ Valiant sedan. A friend asked me to source a Valiant sedan for him, and I recalled that Mark Barun in Adelaide had advertised this car for sale on Facebook, so I hooked them up. In the end my friend decided he couldn’t make it happen, and although initially I had no intention of purchasing this car myself – I already had a CL Valiant in the garage and a VJ E48 Six-Pack Charger being restored – in between hanging up from my friend and calling Mark I decided: YOLO! It runs a fuel-injected 265 Hemi, T5 five-speed gearbox, 3.93 BorgWarner LSD, rack-and-pinion steering conversion and brake and suspension upgrades. Paint is DNA Candy Cola Brown, and she rolls on Boyd Coddington 17x7 and 17x9 wheels.”


“OVER the past 12 months I’ve been slowly rebuilding the old 1990s show ute Dazed & Confused. It was originally built by Wayne Fleming with murals and airbrushing by Wayne Harrison.

It has a mildly worked 308, shift-kitted Trimatic, nine-inch diff and the interior has been redone in Monaro GTS colours. The paint and murals still look amazing after 25 years. The chassis and chrome front suspension remain from when they were under the 80s show van Seducer. It’ll take a couple of years to get it to its original show standard but it’s getting there. It’s currently getting the wiring hidden and tidied up, and then I’ll be taking it to Summernats 31. I’m looking forward to driving it on the street again, as it’s going to be more of a cruiser than a show car.”


“THIS is my daily driver – hers, not his! We bought it in 2013 as a lowkilometre, six-litre V8/six-speed stocker. I have lowered it, fitted rear eliminator pipes and an HDT decal kit. Future mods include fitting the rest of the HDT kit, adding LIEHDT number plates and a full exhaust system.

Hubby wants to put a Chev badge on the front, but no way anyone is removing the lion off the front of my Holden! If hubby had his way it would also have a sunroof, spider gearknob and barbed-wire Aussiemap aerial! The best thing about a V8 daily driver is driving a V8 daily!”


“IN EARLY 2010 we ran my XD in the first Street Sprint in Rockhampton, but in the third run, with my mate Craig Jervis driving, we hit loose gravel in a corner and hit the barriers. Oops! So the rebuild began. Back at Craig’s workshop at Harrison Cobra we stripped every panel, nut and bolt from the car and fixed up some rust. Troy Bath then repainted it, and we enlisted Bob Welcome from Classic Car Trim to restore the interior to original specs.

Lionel at Engine Improvements got the donk up to scratch and it’s now one healthy Cleveland 351. Craig then designed and built a serpentine belt set-up for it and also rebuilt the C4, fully manualising it. A new Strange nine-inch was also fitted along with disc brakes.

The car is now back to showroom condition and cruising the streets of Rocky with one very proud Ford lover at the wheel!”


“HERE’S my old Rover 9 that I did up as a traditional/rat-style rod. The car was purchased from SA off photos, in ‘fully restored condition’ – yeah, right. I decided it wasn’t worth the investment required to restore it properly, so I decided to rod it. I welded up a set of bigs ’n’ littles, dropped the front, supercharged the original four-banger, knocked up some headers, learned to double-clutch and hit the road. It’s not fast, but it sure is torquey, and you get to see all the things you don’t notice at 200km/h! It’s probably the only Rover 9 hot rod on the planet, as they are quite rare and quite valuable when restored correctly. Oh well, I’m having fun.”