Daniel Peachey, email

ABSOLUTELY devastated reading about the closure of Holden (Blowiní Gaskets, SM, Dec í17) but gee whiz, how good is the EH Holden on the cover? Thereís people that change things to be different and then thereís people like Ben Judd who only change things to make it better. In an age where show cars have blacked-out chrome, matte-finish paint and airbag suspension, itís so refreshing to see an EH with a hot six with Webers, bench seats and leaf springs thatís just put together perfectly! The interior is so well designed (the floating bench seats are amazing) the colour is fantastic, and the wheels finish it off perfectly.

Itís the best wagon Iíve ever seen and probably the best EH Iíve ever seen. I honestly canít stop lookiní at it. Thereís life in Holdens yet.