Tully Davies, email

REALLY enjoying the Street Machine and LSX Tuner mags this year, great work. Could you put me in contact with Chris Bitmead with the 1976 Falcon? Im looking for some tips on how they modified their seats with built-in seatbelts.

THE seats in XBOSS were sourced from a CL500 Mercedes (same as SL500), which are engineered with the seatbelts built in. We ended up using the frame and seatbelts only as we wanted to re-shape and re-trim the seats. To accommodate the seats we had to strengthen the floor of the car where the seats bolted down, and the engineer I used provided advice on what was required for the strengthening.

I understand that some older Range Rovers and Saab vehicles also have seats with the built-in belts. Hope this helps! Chris Bitmead