THE Street Machine Drag Challenge Members group was buzzing after the completion of this year’s event. Group member Robbie Lelliott asked previous DC participants: ‘What’s all of your thoughts on the week, people involved, rated experiences, etc?’ The response was emphatic!

Laura Pendlebury – Best week ever; when you don’t break your car.

Rob Thorpe – The people you meet, the challenge of the event, the pride in completing it, the places you go. There’s nothing else you will do in your car like it.

Elvio Gonzalez – Better than sex!

Clive Polidano – The best car event I’ve ever been involved in; an experience that every car enthusiast would love.

Kris Allan – Was the best event I’ve ever attended and to my amazement was the best behaved. Didn’t witness any competitors being dickheads on the streets. Everyone there was competing for the same reason. A week away with mates with ya favourite toy and meeting new mates with their toys…and seeing who brung enuff.

Phil Edmondson – I’ve done DC twice now. The first one I had issues with the car from the first run on the first day ’til the last run on the last day – lots of roadside stops, lots of parts chasing. But everything else about the event made up for it, and I still loved it. This year the car was fantastic and we had no real issues at all, and the whole week was awesome. Even the torrential rain at 2am on the way to Portland LOL.

As everyone else has said, there is nothing else like it. 10/10; will do again.

Andrew Ricketts – Great f--king week, enough said!!!

Glenburn Evans – It’s on my bucket list.

Geoff Clifford – If I had the cash I’d give it a go. Looks like a lot of fun.

Michael Titmarsh – Our first attempt this year, had a ball, even though we didn’t finish. Broke a valve spring 180km out of Adelaide did a bodge-up job and drove it on seven cylinders on the final stretch, then got 30km from AIR and looks like it’s broken the camshaft. Still haven’t pulled it apart yet. But we will be back for DC2018.

Dave Curtis – It’s a week away with a genuine friend/colleague/brother/father/ etc. and you can mix with as many or few as you wish. It’s a challenge to get there, make each track daily, race, and make sure you do it all again next day. Great week away.

The mateship of total likeminded guys is incredible to witness first-hand. Thumbs up to all involved. Bring on DC2018.

Matt Robbo – Best thing I’ve done in any of our cars. A week of racing, countryside, very friendly fellow racers, chaos and laughs. Very well run, can’t wait already for 2018.

Jay Chandler – Is it DC2018 yet?

Matthew Knightsbridge – When do we go again?

Carly Dale – You have to be willing to break your car or be roadside for hours, but, of course, you don’t mind as you’re a massive revhead!