Class: Haltech Radial Blown


OVERALL Engine: 427ci LS RUNNER-UP HALTECH B LOWN RUNNER-UP Turbo: Twin Precision 63/66 Transmission: Powerglide Converter: PTC 3000rpm Diff: 3.25:1 Power: 1500hp Previous PB: 7.95@175mph Best Drag Challenge Pass: 8.14@1 allenge 171mph U P HALTE C H RADI A L BLOWN

WITH a best pass of 8.14@171mph and a cumulative elapsed time of 30.025 seconds, Mark Drew finished just three-anda- bit tenths shy of fellow turbocharged LS-powered Torana driver Quentin Feast. That put Drewy in second place in both the Outright and Haltech Radial Blown stakes one better than his third-place finish in 2016.

Pre-event testing set Mark backwards a couple steps when a high-speed crash at Calder Park just two weeks before Drag Challenge had Drewy and his mates thrashing on the spanners just to get the Crusty Torana ready for the trip over to Adelaide.

They obviously did a cracker of a job because Day One saw Drewy handling the insane track temps better than anyone and the Torana left Adelaide in number one spot with an 8.262@169.6mph. After Day Two Mark was only a couple hundredths behind Quentin, with a firm grip on second place.

Its been going along not too bad, said Drewy when we bumped into him on Day Three in the lanes at Swan Hill. Weve had a few little dramas with fuel, but thats just because of the heat. It went 8.20 this morning and weve taken all the power out of it out of the hole, then were just feeding it in. Im hoping to finish, thats the main thing. If were up there, were up there Drewy, including a charging issue that he was forced to diagnose and repair in the dead of the night and the pissing rain at Ararat, en route to Portland. Then coming into Adelaide on Day Five, a front brake caliper came loose.

It locked a wheel up at 110km/h with the trailer on, said Mark. I found a nut and bolt and made it work for the 100km drive into Adelaide, but coming down the hills with bugger-all brakes was a challenge.

Other than those obstacles, the biggest challenge Mark faced was cabin temperatures of 58 degrees in the early stages of the week. The twin-turbo 427ci LS-based engine runs a water-to-air intercooler, which transfers huge amounts of heat into the cabin during the transport stages when its not filled with iced water.

The event was pretty hard going. The heat killed us, and then the rain it was like four seasons in one week. But thats what its all about; its all part of the challenge and if you cant cut it, you cant cut it. Well do it again next year, and well throw some more power at it. Im in it for me, not to be a celebrity.

From then on the Torana threw a couple of curveballs at 147