WE WERE all holding our breath as to whether Adam Rogash would make it to this year’s Drag Challenge with his ALLSHOW VK Commodore – one of the quickest cars in the event, having previously run 7.75@180mph. His wife Kelly was heavily pregnant with their third child and due smack-bang in the middle of Drag Challenge. But Adam and Kelly agreed that he could take on the event if he returned to Melbourne at the first sign of the baby arriving, to be there for the birth.

Adam double-entered the car with John Pilla of Powerhouse Engines, so that Johnny could take over driving duties if Adam got the call.

On Day One at Adelaide International Raceway we saw 40-degree ambient temps and track temps above 60 degrees.

If that wasn’t bad enough, some failing Holley Dominator fuel pumps made sure the boys had their work cut out. On low boost and still battling wheelspin, Adam managed an 8.40@175.5mph, before he hit the road to Mildura for Day Two.

By the time the boys arrived at Sunset Strip, the fuel pumps were toast, and before Adam could make a pass the team needed to find replacements. Fortunately retired DC competitor Zoran Makarovski had a couple of spare MagnaFuel ProTuner pumps that he was willing to palm off, and they got the job done.

After a drama-free cruise over to Swan Hill, ALLSHOW started to show its potential. After well over 10 attempts at getting down the track, Adam managed an 8.18@164mph.

“We treated it as a week of testing,” he said. “If we thought we could do something better we changed it and sent it again. The shocking run through the wet weather between Swan Hill and Portland. “We hit a big pothole and smashed a headlight bulb, so we ended up driving with one headlight in the pissing rain for around 90km,” he said.

Portland was where we waved goodbye to Adam, as he got the call from his wife that their baby boy was on the way. The crew drove him to the Mt Gambier airport in ALLSHOW and Adam flew back to Melbourne to be with his family. John Pilla took over driving duties and they cruised over to Adelaide for the final day.

Because the car wasn’t behaving the way Adam would have liked earlier in the week, Johnny never got a chance to have a practice steer as planned. However, by Friday they felt that the VK was working nicely and Johnny could bring her home in third place overall. An 8.51 was all it took to cement their position, with Johnny getting off it at 1000 feet. “I’d never raced here before; I wasn’t sure where the track finished!” he said.

He wasn’t alone in that regard either.

Johnny did an incredible job considering he’d never raced that car before. It was also his first time racing since he had his old HQ Monaro, which ran 10s a number of years ago – these days he tends to favour the burnout pad.

Kelly and Adam ended up having their baby boy, Jordan Adam Rogash, early Sunday morning. Congratulations to them both from the Street Machine team. car has only been finished a couple of months, so we’re still working out our suspension set-up.”

Like most of the other competitors, Adam and his crew had a


Class: Haltech Radial Blown


Engine: 440ci Dart LS Next 3R D OVERALL FASTEST M PH Turbos: Twin Turbonetics 75/75 Transmission: Powerglide Converter: TCE 2800rpm stall Diff: 3.25:1 Power: 1400rwhp Previous PB: 7.75@180mph Best Drag Challenge Pass: 8.18@164mph