ANOTHER first-timer at Drag Challenge, Radelaidian Steve Ramsey took home the Quickest Stick-Shift prize with his singledigit VL Commodore Turbo. It’s powered by the venerable 3.0-litre Nissan-designed OHC straight-six, fed, in this case, by a huge Precision 64/66 turbo on a 6Boost manifold and with 38psi boost.

The recipe is by Maatouks, who know a thing or two about these Holden/Nissan sixes. Management is by Microtech and it spins the rollers to around 800hp.

The car cruises at 2200rpm at 100km/h and Steve crosses the line in fourth gear at around 6500rpm. He runs the Commodore on E85 both on track and for the commutes in between, using a reasonable 20L/100km – including towing the trailer!

Steve has owned the car for nine years, and started Drag Challenge well with a 9.66@145mph. In fact, that was Steve’s best result of the event and a PB with the car. “Being a fresh build, we had a few teething problems,” he admitted. “We [before the event]!”

The rear end is a Boss Differentials-built nine-inch and bolts up to the Commodore’s Boss-reinforced suspension mounting points with chrome-moly adjustable arms.

A real nice touch to the interior is the pair of Kirkey alloy race-spec front seats trimmed in Berlina ribbed cloth to match the original interior.

Like many other cars, the Commodore’s fuel pumps suffered in the hot weather on Day One. Later, a concern with the noise from the Mr Transmissions-built, R33 Skyline-cased, PAR straight-cut cogged manual meant the guys had to do a quick in-and-out at Mildura.

“We had to take the ’box out to check the thrust bearing,” Steve said. “We changed the oil to a synthetic at Swan Hill and that seemed to fix it.”

Sadly, that didn’t fix the popped intercooler that eventually took its toll on the turbo. haven’t driven it for four years. We fitted a towbar and got it registered on the Friday


Class: Turbosmart Outlaw Blown


QUICKEST STICK-SHIFT Engine: Nissan RB30ET six-cylinder Turbo: Precision 64/66 Transmission: Five-speed manual Clutch: Twin-plate NPC Diff: 3.89:1 Power: 800rwhp Previous PB: 9.71@143mph Best Drag Challenge Pass: 9.66@145mph