Class: Turbosmart Outlaw Blown


QUICKEST WITHOUT A TRAILER Engine: 434ci Windsor, nitrous Transmission: TH400 Converter: TCE 5000rpm Diff: 3.5:1 Power: 737rwhp Previous PB: 9.30@148mph Best Drag Challenge Pass: 9.66@121mph 164

DC2017 WAS the first for Tasmanian Marcus Howe and his ultrareliable street n strip silver XW (SM, Jan 16). Marcus rocked up for a sniff-around, yet headed home as Quickest Without A Trailer and fourth place in Turbosmart Outlaw Blown. Marcus started off in Radial Blown, but a switch to slicks on the last day meant a move to Outlaw.

To race, I just emptied the car, switched the fuel system from PULP to 105, let the tyres down a little bit then rolled out to the startline, Marcus said. I just wanted to check out the event and do it simply.

Which is why I drove and raced on the street-friendly 275 M/T ET Street S/S radials.

The XW has always been a turnkey street car and remains untouched since we featured it. Its still the same carby-fed 434ci with 737rwhp and a 100-shot of NOS, Marcus said. Due to lack of traction the car actually went faster without the gas. It was a waste of time using it with that tyre. The tyres were good in the rain and on the road but not really grippy on the track, they just didnt want to hook up. I ran And howd the XW fare with the Armageddon-style weather changes?

The car went fine but we were hot, Marcus said. The whole week, with the rain and the bad roads, especially into Portland, that took a lot out of us mentally. We struggled due to the 12-hour days; youre stuffed by the end of it, yknow.

Yet like everyone else, hes hooked.

Im really happy that it ran a 9.66-second pass and never broke down, so I wont change the car set-up at all, Marcus said. Ill build an alloy roof rack to hold the slicks, that way I can compete at a higher level. When DC is back in Victoria or SA Ill enter again; as Im a small business owner, to get away for a week is a big thing.

Considering Marcus placed fourth in his class, only eight-tenths off third and three seconds off class winner Paul Hamilton, and without a single breakdown, hes definitely one to watch. low 10s throughout DC, even though its not set up for natural aspo passes as its a nitrous car.