JOSH Lopreiato had to attend a wedding on the weekend before Drag Challenge, so his mates trailered his epic HSV ClubSport all the way from Wanneroo, WA – 2700 kays one-way.

That’s mateship for ya! And it helped him win the Longest Distance Travelled trophy.

Powered by an 1155hp 402ci LY6 V8 that breathes through an 88mm BorgWarner turbo, Josh’s FEDPSI VZ ran like clockwork all week and did incredibly well to finish fourth outright.

“It was a wicked event,” said Josh. ”I’ve been the last two years as a spectator, and helped out on a mate’s car last year, so I had to bring my car this year.

The car was fine all week and it drove didn’t have issues in the heat of the first two days. “The hot conditions didn’t affect it,” Josh reckoned. “We didn’t really struggle with the power, and the only time we had traction issues was at Swan Hill. I think it was a new track and there wasn’t much rubber down compared to the others.”

Josh’s quickest time all week was an 8.52@160mph, though his favourite time was driving FEDPSI on the open road each day, despite the challenging weather conditions and an unimpressed Adelaide Highway Patrol.

“Driving it on the road was probably the best part for my car,” he said. off the trailer once we got home.”

Unlike other big-power cars, FEDPSI


Class: Haltech Radial Blown


Engine: 402ci LY6 Chev V8 Turbo: 88mm BorgWarner Transmission: TH400 Converter: 4500rpm Diff: 3.25:1 Power: 1155rwhp Previous PB: 8.25@166mph Best Drag Challenge Pass: 8.52@160mph LONGEST DISTANCELLED LONGEST TRAVELLED