GAVIN Edmonds’s period-correct ’58 Ford Mainline pick-up was the only gasser, and arguably the coolest contender, in this year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge. The car’s Krankenstein moniker stems from its mix of parts: a droolworthy Hampton 6/71 Roots-blown ’56 354ci Chrysler Hemi, backed by GM’s TH400 with a polite 2500rpm stall, while up the back is the go-to Ford nine-inch full-floater with 4.3:1 gears.

“On Day Five I ran a PB of 11.91 seconds [in the K&N Dial Your Own class]; I was so excited to finish that I handed in my slip without checking the mph,” Gav laughs (it was 111mph).

“And that was all with me tuning it, so there is more in it if I use someone who knows what they are doing!”

Yet you’d say that Gav does actually know what he’s doing, as he’s one half of Adelaide Motorsport Fabrication. He and crew-mate Alex were most definitely tested with a fair share of issues along the way, though.

“It was hot and loud with the blower spinning at 3000rpm for hours on end,” Gav says. “In retrospect I should have changed the diff ratio to 3.5s.

“We had the water pump die about five kays after leaving AIR; it was an old, second-hand pump and I thought we were Machine one short-snout big-block Chev pump in stock, so my wife Nat sorted me out and we did a roadside repair.

“Next, on the way to the Swan Hill track, the alternator decided to stop working. I was able to do a pass on the battery, then I got hold of an auto-elec who had an alternator on the shelf. Within two hours we had it installed and hit the road to Portland. That’s when the crazy storm hit and I remembered that the wipers hadn’t been used for three years; they fell off on the way. Thank god for Rain-X!”

Gav and Alex faced each hurdle with aplomb, never letting it dampen their spirits. “We were stoked to be part of Drag Challenge. It’s a great event, well organised and an awesome challenge,” Gav says. “Big thanks to everyone who organised it, the track staff and safety people, my spanner man Alex who was awesome on the road, and Nat who is always a huge help and sorted us out on many occasions.”

So, will we see Gav at DC18? “For sure! We spent the hours on the road during DC17 planning and thinking about what to build for ’18. We’re thinking fairly seriously about building a hot rod – something small, fast and like they used to race back in the 60s.” out of the Challenge. I rang Outlaw Speed Shop who had only


Class: K&N Dial Your Own


Engine: 354ci Chrysler Hemi Blower: 6/71 Hampton Transmission: TH400 Converter: 2500rpm Diff: 4.3:1 Power: 500hp (est.)

Previous PB: 12.5@108mph Best Drag Challenge Pass: 11.91@111mph