S Kaipdair, email

THERE were three balloons: Mummy Balloon, Daddy Balloon and Baby Balloon.

It was time for bed and Baby Balloon asked if he could he sleep with Mummy and Daddy that night.

Mummy Balloon said: “No, you can sleep in your own bed.”

Later that night Baby crept into Mummy and Daddy’s room and tried to squeeze in between them, but he found they were too close together.

So he thought if he let a bit of air out of Daddy he could squeeze in, but that didn’t work, so he let some air out of Mummy. That didn’t work either, so he let some air out of himself.

With that, he was able to squeeze between them. But just then, Mummy Balloon woke up, and in an annoyed voice she said: “You’ve let me down, you’ve let your father down and worst of all you’ve let yourself down.”