IT IS going to be a massive year for Aussie fans of land speed racing. The annual DLRA Speed Week is happening on Lake Gairdner 12-16 March and then will be immediately followed by the FIM’s (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) World Speed Trials Australia event, which is specifically for motorcycles running world record attempts in FIM classes.

The big news for Speed Week is the attendance of the Target 550 streamliner, owned by Yanks Marlo Treit and Les Davenport. Powered by twin Hemis, the aim is to be the first to run 500mph in a piston-powered, wheel-driven vehicle – and to take the 439mph FIA record held by George Poteet’s Speed Demon. It’s already done 451mph under SCTA auspices.

Depending how they fare at Speed Week, the Target 550 team have permission to run at the World Speed Trails as well, giving them the chance to comply with FIA regs.


RYAN Carter, the man behind Newcastle’s United Speed Shop, recently started work on a pillarless two-door HR coupe for Melburnian Andy Billiet.

“The HR lends itself to the pillarless coupe styling, as I think it has a real Nova look to it,” says Ryan. “It’s not a car I’d ever want to own, but this is a project I’ve always wanted to build. I want to make sure it looks like a factory-designed and built two-door coupe.”

The drivetrain will likely also be periodinspired, with triple Webers or ITB injection on a J.ZED-headed hot Holden red six with a five-speed manual. More details to come; keep an eye on streetmachine.com.au.


NEXT issue, Dangerous Dave Carey continues his deep-dive into the storied history of the Holden Commodore, starting with the mighty VN. Mang on, brother! We also check out the Casterton Street Drags and the revamped Victorian Hot Rod Show. Plus a new column and a swag of killer feature cars, including a star of Summernats 31. On sale 22 February.