Stephan Vanderhee, email

JUST started reading the January Street Machine (my Christmas present) and was wondering if there’s ever been a drag Ford XA-XC wagon?

I own a couple of 1978 XC wagons and was thinking about building one but would like to get more info on what may be required.

Do you know of the mag year and month where an article has been done on the wagons? I have every magazine dating back to Van Wheels and don’t recall seeing one.

On another note, I am a mad-keen diesel performance follower, going to the Willowbank drag nights whenever there is a diesel event on, and they are drawing some very large crowds.

Would it be possible to get a page each month in the mag letting people know what is happening in the world of diesel performance and drag racing? I would be very happy to write this, with your staff editing it as required.

IT IS HARD to believe that we’ve never had an XA-XC Falcon wagon as a feature car since 1981, but we’re struggling to find one! We did feature Denis Matheson’s stock but very sexy eight-seater GS wagon in our Falcon history story circa September 2010.

Not sure there is enough action on the diesel side to warrant a monthly column at this stage, but it is definitely worth a tech article in 2018. We’ll get cracking!