STREET Outlaws TV stars Farmtruck and AZN smacked their freshly built Chevy shortbed into the burnout pad wall on the first day of Summernats and instantly lit up Street Machine’s Facebook pag.

Wesley Nunyas – Welcome to Australia, where everything bites.

Greg Brewer – Well they are more used to doing their burnouts nudged up against a wall, give ’em points for smashing both sides though!

Brad Fleming – Maybe they should stick to doing static burnouts and leave the real burnout to those that know best!

Jason Quinn – Driving on the wrong side of the pad, mate.

Chris Miller – Good on them. They obviously were here to have fun and they seemed to be doing that. From videos I’ve seen plenty of classic Aussie cars are hammered against walls or set on fire. I hope they come back.

David Barnett – Bet that wasn’t the only skid he did! LOL Mattie Bell – Bet the Seppos have a different take on just how much skill is required for a ’Nats-level burnout, ha ha ha. Mint boys, the crowd f--king loved it.

Telly Tsimbas – Only Aussies and Kiwis can skid a car like a boss. The rest of the world just wishes they can skid like us. Not as easy as it looks, hey boys?

Rock Caleb – Not so skilful on the pad. Great attitude, though. Awesome to see them down here having a few laughs.

Tim Shepherd – That’s why us Aussies are the kings of burnouts.

Dave Pearce – Great to see these guys spreading our sport worldwide!!!

Casper Bennett – Seeing this just makes me miss Summernats so bad. I need to be there.

Ash Tasker – Note to self: Don’t take your Chev on the pad.

Gary Drennan – Go hard or go home. These guys did both. Good on ’em.

Jeff Werschkull – Another Summernats bad luck story. Hats off to them for having a go.

Tim Boomer Olle – ‘Understeer’ is when you hit the fence with the front of the car.

‘Oversteer’ is when you hit the fence with the rear of the car. ‘Horsepower’ is how fast you hit the fence. ‘Torque’ is how far you take the fence with you.

Jamie Lewis – At least they gave it a go. Now come back bigger and better next year.

Steve Courtney – They need some lessons on how to steer from the rear.

Daniel Sampson – All the gear... no idea!

Dave Lockett – Needs a few Coles car park lessons.

Glenn Dennis – I guess he’s been drag racing too long and forgot how to turn the steering wheel.

Michael Cini – They’ve come to have fun FFS, give them a break. Good on them for giving it a go!

Rob Moore – Definitely looks like a farm truck now! Keep smiling, boys.

Jett Ellisjuan – White men can’t jump... and Yanks can’t do burnouts.

Michael Laurence – Best American burnout I’ve ever seen.

Matt Spencer – Couldn’t drive a greasy stick up a dog’s arse.

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