LIKE diesel power? Then look no further than Nuy and Per Suphan, who have been racing a common-rail four-banger diesel in a tube race car in Thailand. They recently knocked out an incredible 7.29 seconds over the quarter with an Isuzu 4JJ1 diesel donk.

We’d love to know how much squeeze they are punching through that mill!


EVERY year there is more interest and more cars heading to the USA for Hot Rod Drag Week. If you’re keen to go, whether as a spectator or racer, or just want to keep up with news on the event or share some pictures, check out the newly formed Facebook page Aussie Drag Weekers. There are a bunch of Aussies on there that have done the event, and you can get some great information on shipping, or the best way to check out the event as a spectator. Rumour has it there are a bunch of heavy hitters leaving from Queensland this year to add to last year’s Aussie contingent. Stay tuned for more on that one.


TERRY and Anita Seng have started tuning the new LS-based motor in their VC Commodore to try and crack the five-second barrier. The engine weighs in at a hefty 460 cubes and uses the Noonan solid block with a 4.2in bore, a Callies billet crank that retains LS journal sizing and GRP rods, for a comp ratio of 10.5:1. The camshaft is a 55mm solid-roller, while the Noonan solid billet heads offer a cantered valve design.

The motor is topped with a billet Noonan intake with twin 6.0-litre LS fly-by-wire throttlebodies.

Fuel system is Aeromotive with a beltdriven pump, eight Precision 550lb injectors and a set of 200lb ID injectors. Terry is staying with the Holley ECU, as he’s very familiar with the system. Oiling is courtesy of a four-stage dry sump system with a Barnes dry-sump pump.

The engine has spent a short time on the dyno at Paramount Performance, but it’s been a struggle to hold the torque from a monster like this. The twin Pro Mod 88mm turbos are pumping 32psi at the moment, and the engine has already made 2130hp@7400rpm on just 15 degrees of timing, which is very soft tuning on an alcohol motor.

“It’s time to get it in the car,” Terry reckons. “We can’t accomplish much more on the dyno, so let’s make some passes and sneak up on the tune.”