COME April, the attention of sports fans around the world will turn to the Sunshine State, as a group of fiercely competitive and talented sportspeople gather for one of the most anticipated events on the world stage. We speak of Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend – not the Commonwealth Games, which will, coincidentally, also come to a climax over 13-15 April. DCW is our three-day version of Street Machine Drag Challenge, and is our first foray into Queensland with the concept. The event is all about proving the streetability of your street machine – and having a whole bunch of fun with like-minded folks along the way. Entries had just opened as this issue of the mag went to print, so there may still be spots left if you’re keen to make a late charge. Check out dragchallenge.com.au for entry details, and hopefully event director Scotty Taylor can find some space in the cavalcade. It will set you back $320 for the weekend. Besides that, all you’ll need is a road-registered streeter capable of 12.99 seconds or better over the quarter-mile. Run quicker than 10.99? You’ll need to be IHRAlicensed and teched. As with all Drag Challenge events, you can tow your car to Day One if you so choose, which will be at Willowbank Raceway, bright and early on 13 April. Once you arrive, your tow vehicle and trailer will be safely stored at the track until the event winds up back at Willowbank on 15 April. This means that everything you need for the weekend, including your crew, tools, tyres and any camping gear, will need to be carried in your race vehicle and a small trailer, should you opt to pull one. Weather permitting, there will be six hours of racing each day. You must hand in your best timeslip before you’ll receive the route map to the next track – in this case, Warwick Dragway’s excellent eighth-mile. And since this is Drag Challenge, we won’t be taking you on the most direct route! The driving legs will include mandatory checkpoints to make sure everyone does the required kilometres needed to really put their car to the test. The event will wind up back at Willowbank, after which the winners of each class will be crowned. Wanna come and watch? Spectators are welcome, with adult entry $20 at each track, and kids 13 and under free. For more info visit streetmachine.com.au/ DragChallengeQld.


$50K RACE! SYDNEY racer Po Tung has got his Grudge Kings concept firing again, with a meeting at Sydney Dragway scheduled for 14 July. The headline class will be a 32-car field of toughies racing over the eighth-mile. It is open to pretty much any tough sedan – including full-chassis cars – providing the car has factory steel roof and quarters. Buy-in is $1000 per car, with a winner-takes-all prize of $50,000. Some of the big hitters who have already laid their entry money down include Perry Bullivant in his Camaro, Tristan Ockers in his legendary Capri and Craig Burns in his new Mustang. There will be a bunch of other classes too, so if you like this style of racing, get out there and support it! GASSIN’ FOR AUSTRALIA ON EASTER Saturday, four of Australia’s toughest gassers will be in New Zealand competing in the Trans- Tasman Challenge at the Bay Rodders Nostalgia Drags at Meremere Dragway. The four cars in question are Damien Kemp’s notorious ‘Funderbolt’ Compact Fairlane and three shoebox Chevs: Stephen Biggs’s ’56 (Loose Cannon – below), Ashley Hayley’s ’55 (Haywire) and Peter Raines’s ’57 (Bad Ass To). The guys will also be visiting the legendary Beach Hop event for some friendly cruising. We reckon they’ll be pretty popular! NEXT! THE front cover of the May edition is set to stun with one of the star debut cars from Street Machine Summernats 31. Other feature cars will include Wagga wild man Jarrod Wood’s wheelstanding XT Falcon, Nathan Patterson’s THELMA Corolla, and Dave and Robert Stephenson’s killer WH Statesman ’Nats cruiser (below). Show-wise, we’ll check out both the Adelaide Chrysler Festival and the Geelong All Ford Day, and provide a handy guide to the upcoming Meguiar’s MotorEx in Melbourne. We’ll wind up our ‘three-part’ Commodore history series with a bonus fourth instalment focussing on the VE-VF, and – if we have space – feature all the action from Racewars in Albany, WA. The May issue of SM goes on sale 19 April.