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“THIS build was all about honouring a friendship I’ll never forget. Matt Barry was my best mate, taken from us in August 2002 in a car accident. This Tonner was his project; one of the things in his life he had big plans for. I bought it off his mum and dad after he passed and promised I’d finish it for him. Years went by without much progress until December 2015, when I finally bit the bullet and threw everything I had at it to try and make it to Summernats 30 – which I achieved with only days to spare. On numerous occasions Matt had talked about powering it with a big-block Chev, TH400 gearbox and nine-inch, so that’s what we went with for the driveline. I’m proud to say every bit of this build was done by me or good mates, and the engine rebuild was carried out by Phil’s Automotive in Broadmeadow, NSW. I’d like to thank my wife Kelly and our seven girls for their patience and support, and also Joel Wilson, Paul Anderson, Deb & Norm Barry, Aaron Metcalfe, Glen Witherspoon, John Noyes, Greg Darr, Micah Platt, Louie Stankovski, Scott Bradford, Anthony, Phil & Mark Palmieri, Brett Smith, Tim Bennett, Billy Wallace, Michael Oliver, Dave Witheridge, Klint Thomas, Phil’s Automotive and Blacktrak.” Photos: Ben Hosking



“MY VF Commodore Sandman wagon has, thanks to HDT, now been converted to the first HDT Sandman. It’s been given an OTR, extractors, exhaust and tune, which gives it 262rwkW, but I have plans to have HDT do more engine work as well as overhaul the interior. HDT-branded styling features include the scoop, grille, coil-overs, badging, exhaust tips and 20-inch Momo Star wheels. It was great to be able to combine these two iconic automotive brands in the one vehicle.”



“THIS is my EH Special. I drove it into the back shed four years ago and started stripping it down for a thorough rebuild. I built a rotisserie for it and welded up every hole that wasn’t needed. I then sanded, prepped and painted it in Tartan Turquoise and Fowlers Ivory white in the shed – and have the Tartan Turquoise concrete floor to prove it! Every nut, bolt and washer has been replaced with stainless steel, including the fuel and brake lines. She runs a 186 that I rebuilt with help from my mate Jon Wightman Mechanical. I hand-polished the US Racer rims and had the interior re-trimmed, and now I’m just enjoying the cruising.”



“HERE’S my 1982 WB, done up as an HZ Sandman van. I’ve owned it for four years, and in that time I’ve had it painted, had the engine rebuilt to L34 specs, and also rebuilt the M21 four-speed manual, which runs back to a Salisbury diff. I had the interior reupholstered too, including the seats and door trims. I plan on keeping it for a while yet.” Photos: Caprice Photography



“MY XF was just a stock, lowered, 4.1-litre EFI six-pot auto when I bought her. It came with a turbo set-up, and that’s the way I was going to go until I did a wedding with a couple of mates in V8s. That’s when I resprayed the engine bay, bought an XR8 for its motor and fitted that in the XF instead. It has custom extractors and airbox, GT40 heads and custom power steering lines. I had the C4 manualised and fitted an LSD to liven her up a bit. Inside, I added a B&M ratchet shifter, sports steering wheel and tachometer, along with Ghia front seats and reupholstered rear seat with matching headrests. I added larger rotors with twin-piston AU calipers on the front, and she rolls on 19x8-inch rims with 235/35/19 tyres. The car is fully engineered and has full NSW rego.”