Lewis Rogan, email

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STREET Machine had my XA wagon in the Readers’ Rockets section a few years ago when I first started restoring it, so here’s an update. I found the car here in the UK. It’s an original UK-supplied XA Fairmont wagon, was Jewel Green with a 302, sold from a dealer in the south. It was left under a tree for a long time and was very rusty, so I had to save it. It’s had loads done so far – sills, lower doors, guards and lower sections, complete plenum repair, and the list goes on. I should have the shell rust repaired by June. It’s not far off now. Going all-original with a strong driveline. Can’t beat our Aussie cars; nothing compares. Will keep you posted.

Lewis Rogan, email


JUST wanted to say thank you for the great write-up on my husband’s XY ute, 1MADGS (Street Machine Summernats 31 Annual), which won the Engineering Excellence in Pro Tuff Street at Summernats 31. Scott was lucky enough be selected as a PPG Elite Finalist on the Sunday, too. This ute (pictured left) has been our life for the last 10 years. Scott has spent countless hours and a shitload of money building it, but to have such positive feedback from not just the everyday person but the guys that can actually see how much effort has gone into the project is awesome.

Naomi Reeves, email

NOT a worry, Naomi. We plan to feature the ute in more detail in a future mag. – Telfo


WAS there ever a part two to the ‘Little League’ article covering a Holden 253 build-up? The internet comes up with nothing and I have mountains of old Street Machine magazines that would take me a month to sort through? What edition of SM was it in?

Richard, email

HEY Richard! Part two is in the July/Aug 1996 mag. It mainly covers the engine dyno results – a heady 334hp. We’ve recently posted it online, so go get it! – Telfo


I DON’T often comment on stuff like this but your article Negative Gearing (Blowin’ Gaskets, SM, Mar ’18) was really well written and is such a valid point. I belong to some Facebook groups; some of them are closed groups, and some of them very non-PC groups. A common theme is they are ‘self-policed’ – make a negative comment and you’re gone. I’d like to see that on pages like Street Machine’s. I know it could be difficult to administer but you are a market leader. Use your status with 400,000 followers to make a statement against trolling, or whatever it’s called.

Cameron Brock, emai


LONG-TIME reader, first-time caller. Great mag, but needs more VLs. Two questions I need help with, please. Firstly, do you have a dedicated mag for VLs? What’s it called? And do you have any back issues? Secondly, I have an idea for a VL build but would like someone to draw it to see what it would like. Could you put me in contact with someone who could do this, maybe someone who drew for your Expression Session? Prepared to pay them so any help would be appreciated.

Glen Beyer, email

HIYA Glen, sorry to say we don’t have a magazine that’s all about VLs but we are working on a brand-new awesome dedicated Commodore mag. Look for the launch of that later in the year. There are plenty of talented artists out there that could help with your drawing. Maybe try youngster Aidan Donald: – Telfo


INSTEAD of building a project car and then giving it away, why don’t you let us choose one? Over a few issues we could choose the car, engine type (big-block/small-block, naturally aspirated/boosted), driveline, colour, wheels, etc. You could offer a few choices each issue and put it to a vote. I reckon you’d get a good idea of what we readers like, too!

Dave Hallson, emai


I HAVE to agree with previous writers who have complained about the number of drift and drag racing articles in what used to be an excellent mag. It seems that the people at Street Machine mag have lost their way and found that drifting is all that is out there now. I started buying the mag after a huge hiatus of many years because for a long time you were lost in Commondoors, but now it’s drifting with the occasional drag racing. If I want to see drag I’ll go to Mardi Gras. Come on, guys, get back to the title of the magazine – it’s Street Machine, not drift machine.

Dingo Sharp, email


ANY chance my stepsons’ drawings could be in your magazine?

Jack is 11 and Angus is eight.

Alicia, email