WE posted a web yarn about a punter trying to sell a CV6 Monaro with a Toyota 2JZ swapped into it. As you might expect, our Facebook followers slammed their keyboards into high gear to respond.

Martin Pascoe Following for the onslaught of hate. Should be hilarious.

Daniel Connelley When you wanna be a Supra fanboy but bogan is life.

David John At least its a much better engine than the standard one.

Shannon Barrett At least its not a Barra.

Glenn Burney A better option than the rotary Holden used.

Daniel McCarron What a waste of a good engine.

Paul Trandos JZ the world.

Josh Ryan Im totally OK with this.

Dave Alexander This is best sort of cross-breeding.

Joseph Vecchio Way to ruin a good Aussie car.

Tony Sander Needs a Lexcen badge.

Ali Elhassan WTF is wrong with people?

Jason Jones Why?

Glen Pettingill Wahhhh. Let the bloke that owns it do what he wants! He can torch it for all I care!

Lincoln Godwin Im OK with 2JZ, but those back tyres?

Eric Cain Barra swaps are the past, this is the future.

Bev Hauritz Thats cool. Probably go harder than the mang-mang engine anyways.

Shane Smith The 2JZ probably doesnt leak oil like its going out of fashion, and burn more oil than fuel.

Ted George Woulda put a built V6 in myself but not a bad idea.

Brendan Wilcox This is worth nothing now.

Kyle Grieg Originally a V6, wont ever be worth much.

Robert Taylor In 30 years they will be kicking themselves for wasting a Monaro with a chop suey engine when they see how much an original Monaro will be worth.

Brendon Anforth Thats a bold assumption that a plastic Commodore will last another 30 years. Lets see how that pans out.

Steve Eason A comment up further says they are $14-24,000 now. Say this was a $14,000 one with a dead engine. Say it will be worth $100,000 in 30 years. So $86,000 over 30 years is $55 a week. Id get more than $55 a week worth of fun out of a 2JZ Monaro than parking my $14,000 in the garage for 30 years so I can have an extra few dollars when Im 70.

Levi James Taylor It was a V6 Monaro, worth FA already. Probs worth more now, considering everything still works.

Brandon Bishop Car was clearly built with fun and power in mind, not dust and future value. Each to their own. Best Monaro out I reckon.

Andrew Jakovich This is how to make a Holden more reliable and powerful.

Steve Turkington At least its fast now.

Brett Haslett Beyonce is having twins in a Monaro2JZs!