Michael Stephens –


WE RECENTLY unveiled our fourth Carnage project car: a Volvo 240 with a Toyota 1JZ under the bonnet! We do things on the cheap, so obviously the car needs some work, but we’ve got big plans for it, including possibly switching to a big single turbo and really cranking up the boost. So stay tuned for future Carnage episodes on this car!

But before all that, the most important question is: What should we call it?

Michael Stephens – Seeing as how the car was made in Sweden, it should get a Swedish/Nordic name. How about Loki? Loki is the god of mischief and destruction, which fits in perfectly with Carnage.

Dillon Hall – Thor-zilla? Lost his hammer, now has a Toyota katana to ‘chop’ his opponents on his way back to Volvolla!

Alan Jobe – Brickzilla.

Jeffrey Blakeley – Volvos are a great sleeper car; they have good brakes, tough diffs and suspension!

Clive Stevens-Clark – Must keep the roof racks!

Jeffrey Blakeley – The ReVolver.

Jayde A Riley – The Revolter more like it, lol!

Human Carsounds – Yeah, go the 1J!

Christopher Salmon – SH3TBOX.

Martin McMartin – BLODBAD; according to Google, it’s the Swedish translation of ‘Carnage’.

Brian P - The Soaring Meatball.

MafiaboysWorld – Scotty, we are now 1JZ brothers in the ugliest boxes available: the Volvo 240 and the Cressida. We must race these at Benaraby.

Ghettobird – Call it the Boosted Moose!

Orange Avocado – Or No IKEA?

SED71 – Get rid of the 1JZ and forget about a 2JZ. Go for a Barra!

Adam The Aussie – That’s it, I’ve got to lay off the caffeine and the X-Men movies. When I first saw it was a 1J-powered Volvo, why in earth did ‘Volvorine’ pop to mind? Mind you, cruising around in traffic it’s your happy chappy Logan, but piss him off and out comes the claws.

Steven Jonker – Well that’s a nice surprise, was expecting another Barra.

Lukes Random Shit – Stewart suits the car perfectly: an old librarian worker at the public school who arrives two hours early every day to feed the birds.

87xfute – Hey Scotty, please mate, if you do nothing else you’ve got to keep the hat on the back parcel tray.

Kenan Pavlovic – You and your dreams for 10-second cars remind me of Fast & Furious.

William Moser Volvota, Toyolvo, – Mooseknuckle Sandwich, Swedish Industries, Stockholm Syndrome.

Shaun Tanner – A reference from ABBA (Swedish car, after all): Fernando.

Andrew Hills – Böaty McBøatfäce.

Chris Mark – The only person thinking this is cool is Scotty himself.

Jason Wells – Volcano – just waiting for it to blow.

Dennis Tito – Flying Sumo Lounge Chair.