NEED a hoist to work on your cars at home but only have a standardheight garage? Well this Portable Single-Post Hoist from Hero Hoists could be perfect for you. As the name suggests, it’s just a single post with four arms, so it can hold a car while only taking up a small amount of garage space. The single-poster has passed CE and TUV testing and is certified for commercial use in Australia. For more information visit


IDEAL for mechanically injected or carburetted street, race and burnout cars, the Haltech Elite VMS is a one-stop, one-point-ofcontact solution for complete ignition timing control. The box works on engines with standard and CO2-style boost control, and can control up to six stages of nitrous, launch/transbrake, bump-andcreep as well as onboard datalogging. It supports both distributor/Promag ignitions plus coil-on-plug ignitions. The Elite VMS T adds 20 extra channels of datalogging and torque management functionality, including driveshaft rpm, target engine rpm and more, to work as a form of traction control for ultra-consistent times. Visit for more info.


THE Edelbrock E-Series heads are a step up from the E-Street line. They feature larger runners for increased airflow plus revised exhaust ports and larger-diameter springs for higher-lift camshafts, making them ideal for larger-displacement engines and spec racing classes. The E-Series heads also have as-cast ports and retain the stock exhaust port locations, making them compatible with OEM headers and hardware. The heads come fully assembled with valves, valve springs, locks and retainers, rocker arm studs and guide plates. Available to suit small-block Chevy and Ford engines. For more info visit


THE latest Aeroflow catalogue is hot off the press! It’s the 10th edition of the catalogue, with over 245 pages of hoses and tubes, fittings, adapters and billet performance accessories. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this catalogue, you don’t deserve to be working on a car! The Aeroflow range has expanded again and now includes distributor and ignition accessories, as well as starter motors and alternators. For your free copy of the latest Aeroflow catalogue, visit


WIRE your ride right the first time with Bluewire Automotive’s new 21-Circuit+Plus pro-series wire harness, for when you just need to run all your standard running gear and aftermarket accessories like EFI engine management, fuel pump, fans, central locking or power windows. Bluewire’s harness kits feature an easy-toinstall design and allow for expandability for future growth.

Only the highest-quality wire and parts are used, resulting in the ultimate universal wiring kit. This pre-wired fuse block will wire your car from headlights to tail-lights. For more info visit


CASTLEMAINE Rod Shop has just released its new LS conversion sump kit to make your life a lot easier when dropping an LS donk into your old-school car. The kit includes a six-litre CNC-machined cast-aluminium sump, oil pick-up tube with O-ring, baffle, magnetic drain plug, gasket and all the necessary bolts to fit. It has been designed to run a factory LS dipstick relocated to the right-hand side, and it clears 4.25in-stroke motors with most steel rods. For more info visit


MADE from rock-solid CNC-machined billet aluminium and packing an oversized polyurethane bush, this fresh design from Tuff Mounts will ensure your LS-powered VT-VZ Commodore won’t pop its engine mounts. Much softer than solid-mounting the donk, they still provide good NVH so you won’t need a kidney belt to drive around with ’em. Check them out at now!