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Tom Gasnier, Auckland, NZ

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HEY fellas, attached is a shot of my threeyear-old daughter Hazel and her impressive collection of vehicles. Wifey reckons that this is too many vehicles. say no way, to which her reply is that I’m just jealous. She may be right (about the jealous bit anyways)!

The Radio Flyer is a custom creation that I recently finished and was a good way to get my vehicle modification fix on a budget. I’d be stoked (and so would Hazel) to see this photo run in a future magazine, so hope you’ll consider it!

The magazine is looking great; the variety of features is spot-on. These days I don’t even bother flicking through the pages before handing over my cash; as soon as I see a new cover on the shelf, I grab it! I do wish some of the features had more build photos as the work that goes into some of the cars is incredible, and seeing how things are made and finished fascinates me.

Keep up the good work,

Tom Gasnier, Auckland, NZ


I HAVE been a subscriber on and off over the past 15 to 20 years and have never mailed in. Your offer at MotorEx was too good to pass up – a great T-shirt and six months of printed magazines. Of course, I have read all the complaints you get about Chev stuff and drag racing; I just read the bits I like and look at the beautiful photos. And LOL, of course.

The August mag had that lovely Galaxie and the hot Capri in tiger gold or something. didn’t like the HQ wagon; it wasn’t very photogenic with the drab maroon paint and way too much chrome in the engine bay. The green Escort was nice and bright but I would have liked the other two Fords on the poster.

I would like to bitch and moan about the bigdollar builds. It’s great to see the quality, but less of those and more of the genuinely home-built stuff by the Jacks-of-all-trades. I would like you to include the details of the specially fabricated stuff that the enterprising guys come up with. Home experiments can be a lot of fun. We are starting to get the Japanese stuff coming in; I’d like to see more European stuff.

Mike, email

THANKS for the feedback and support, Mike! Did you have a read of that HQ wagon yarn anyway? Grant Mahoney’s a classic build-athome guy. Search ‘slammed custom HQ’ on for a vid of him chatting about it.


REGARDING Shaun Braybrook’s HK (SM, Jul ’18) – he nailed that car. Give him SMOTY now. Well done, mate!

Anthony McIlwaine, email


JUST thought I would say how surprised/delighted I was when I opened up the August issue of Street Machine and saw the Cooly Rocks On feature. There it was: the red EH show ute my dad built nearly 30 years ago (pictured left). But like many people, unfortunately he had to sell it 18 years ago due to money constraints, much to our disappointment. My father has not even seen so much as a photo of the car since that day he had to let it go.

Street Machine featured our ute back in the 1992 Jan/Feb issue, as it was a very successful show car of its day. I remember my dad and I spent most weekends, year after year, towing the ute to car shows across the country. If Street Machine could maybe put a little article in one of your issues or Facebook it would mean a lot to him, as I know he has never gotten over the sad day he had to let it go. If you read the original article I am sure you will understand. I have plenty of photos of the ute back in the day if needed.

Anthony Wicks, email

HEY Anthony! Yeah, we love that ute. We’ll dig the original shoot out of the archives and put it online ASAP – Telfo


G’DAY guys, I am a reader of this magazine and very rarely miss an issue; however, in your Powercruise Tasmania article (SM, Apr ’18) I was disappointed to see that a photo of someone else’s car was attached to my name for the show ’n’ shine event. The other two vehicles featured were correct I believe, but mine was not! Also, my name was spelt wrong, though that is a common mistake. That yellow hatchback is not my car, this is!

Josh Stebbeings, email

APOLOGIES, mate! We’ve amended the story online.


I AM writing in response to Simon Telford’s column in the May issue. No offence to him, but I’d like to take issue with a comment he made regarding HQ-WB One Tonners: “While they can be good enough to win Summernats Grand Champion and Street Machine Of The Year, affordable One Tonners still pop up for sale regularly.

I don’t know where he is looking to find them, but I have been looking for one for a while and I have not been able to find a reasonably priced, affordable one. I would like to know where he has found these, as he mentioned that a 253/Trimatic Tonner would be the go.

Stephen Dodge, email

HEY mate! I’ve been looking for a while now, and I’ve just found one! Photos next issue – Telfo


HI THERE, I am having issues tracking down an Expression Session you guys did a long time ago. It was a ’32-33 Ford coupe done in two or three different styles.

Since I donated all of my old books to the children’s hospital I am unable to find it. Are you able to get a photo of the page or even let me know what issue it was in? Would be very much appreciated.

Chris Pryor, email

HEY mate! Upon consulting Craig Parker’s records from the Expression Session era, we can only find reference to a ’32 roadster (SM, Aug ’07) designed by Ryan Carter – no sign of a coupe. The design featured an extra 160mm of length in the doors, twin A-arm suspension up front with inboard shocks, late-model ’Vette IRS and – naturally – a 6.5-litre 48-valve V12 from the LP640 Lamborghini Murcielago!



HERE are some drawings from my 10-yearold son Vince Raimondo. He would be over the moon to see one published in your magazine.

If you would prefer to choose a car for him to draw, he will he most pleased to do this.

Have a great day.

Kaye Raimondo, email



WE LINKED to a Wheels mag article on the introduction of full-sized American pick-ups like the Chevy Silverado and RAM 1500 and 3500 to Australia, and posed the question: will these mega Yankee trucks take off here?

Ashley Pope – Only stupidity says “yes”. Too big for our roads and car parks… guzzle fuel that costs three times as much as ’Murica...the price... Watch all the tryhards buy one so they can be big-time and tell all how much it cost. Vanity wins.

Mark Brumfield – As long as the prices are so over the top they will never make an impact in the Aussie market. Greed will always result in poor sales.

Mathew Sammut – They will, but only when the build them in RHD from the factory so we don’t have a $30/40K conversation cost.

Corey Sinclair – The only thing that’s too big is the price tag.

Glenn Corbett – Everyone commenting about the price, the banks own most of your cars anyway.

Frank Coniglio – Of course they’ll take off; Australia is the new America.

Nick De Ruiter – Hell yes, just double-park everywhere.

Ben Walker – They will sell. The caravan and horse float people will gobble them up.

Shaun Lachs – Man, the wankers in Adelaide can’t drive a f--king Yaris on the road properly. Please don’t give any f--kers here a set of keys to one of those death traps!

Jon Mitchell – They’re cool in the country. Just keep the city boy posers away from them. Driving is already too hard for those muppets.

Christian Bruns – Why would you pay $150K for a $65K truck sold in the States? Ranger Wildtraks are $65K and there are thousands on the road. They would sell plenty here if the price was right. There is a reason why they sell one of these trucks every minute in the States.

Jack Nixon – Price of fuel would need to come down so you can afford to drive the bloody things.

Andrew Rees – F--king oath they will take off, especially with the government’s new laws on GCM upgrades effectively making it impossible to upgrade the GCM of a new car. The new Dodge 1500 can tow 4500kg, and for around the same price as a dual-cab Land Cruiser that will only tow 3500.

Robert Shepherd – Starting to see a few getting around. Dollar for dollar, they’re far better value than a Land Cruiser.

Matt van de Ven – have a 200 Series Cruiser and I’d buy one of these over a Cruiser any day for towing, but the cost is just too much. And way better than the dual-cabs with pissy engines that we have available now.

Mark Wilson – I take it you buy one of these when your dick’s so small a Ranger or HiLux doesn’t make it seem bigger.

Linton Hewson – Seems great until you have to park it anywhere in a city. I have to climb out the window of my Colorado as it is!

Aaron Holtz – Do they throw a factory stepladder into the deal to get your tools out of the back at work?

Matt Vk – “Top of the line in utility sports, Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts.”

Craig MacDonald – Overpriced, overrated, poor finish, poor economy, outdated motors, outdated suspension.

Glen Snelling – I don’t give a f--k, I just want one.

Scott Wicks – All see is future artificial reefs.