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Daniel Peachey, email

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THE September issue was the best one I’ve seen for ages, guys – so many cool cars! Stance is everything for me, and there were plenty of cars that had that in spades.

The AGR061 cover car might be the perfect EK – slammed, classic paint scheme, blown and injected!

Then there’s that fantastic Commodore drag car – perfect ride height, colour and wheels, and it runs sixes! Drag cars have an important place in the mag (a lot of drag cars are influenced by street machines and vice-versa). When I was a young bloke I thought Weld wheels, billets and the like were an upgrade, but as I’ve got older I’ve found an appreciation for a nice hubcap and trim combination (I still love Welds, of course). Now what if people who run stockies and hubcaps aren’t doing that to make their car a ‘sleeper’, but because it just looks better like that?

Charlie Sant’s HK is a perfect example; can’t imagine it looking any better with any other wheels, in fact it’s the best HK Kingswood I’ve ever seen! The stance is perfect, the colour is perfect, the interior is fantastic (the colourcoded billet steering wheel is great touch). I’m just spewing it wasn’t on the poster – it’d be up in my shed right now!

Daniel Peachey, email


HEY guys, just read Hot Rod #19 – smokin’ hot! Each machine is automotive art and a real credit to the people that built them. The older stuff has style and ‘soul’ that the new stuff never will. Long live chrome bumpers!

Aaron Joynt, email


ALTHOUGH it was sad to see the demise of some awesome cars, I loved the photos featured in Snap Shots from the Neville Parsons collection (SM, Jul & Sep ’18).

Surely, if there’s enough of them, could a book be produced?

Phil Minns, email


HEY guys, today I was reading through some old Street Machine mags and it just occurred to me: What happened to the old Expression Session section? I loved the fact that back then readers could just write in and get some concept art of their wildest ideas produced, no matter how crazy!

I think you guys might want to consider bringing this back in your magazine, as it is always awesome for us readers to see what crazy ideas our fellow car enthusiasts are coming up with.

Some Expression Session drawings have actually inspired car builders to build the real thing! A couple I can think of off the top of my head include Adam and Kylie Perry’s Tailspin FB Holden and Chris Varney’s wild hot rod Torana.

Now, just imagine you as a reader suggesting your wild idea that you’ve dreamt of your whole life (but never had the chance to actually make) and seeing it become a real running and driving car. That would be great! Anyways, hopefully you guys at Street Machine consider bringing the Expression Session back; I’m sure many other people would also like to see it return.

Mitchell, email


RECENTLY you did a story on Tom Pulleine’s Ford Landau (SM, Mar ’18). I’m trying to find the Tipper brothers panel beating that he mentioned he used for his car, but I can’t find them. I was hoping you could put me in touch with the car owner so that I could ask him where the panel shop he used is so I can get my Landau done there! They did an incredible job! Cheers guys! You’ve got a great magazine!

Ryan Jones, email


MY KIDS Alessio and Zara love flicking through the Street Machine mag! They’ve had many car adventures: finding an Abarth Fiat 500 on our recent trip to Italy; collecting rare Ferrari model cars and arranging the ultimate boy’s bedroom with model cars as far as the eye can see (the cabinets even light up!); Alessio cruising in his retro pedal firetruck; attending Torana car shows; and helping Dad work on his LX SS Torana.

Mario Berardone, email



MY NAME is Oscar Smith and I am 16 years old, from Birmingham in the UK.

Unfortunately, living in the UK means that I never get to see Australian cars, which is why I love reading your magazine. This is my drawing of a Holden Commodore; it would be great to see it featured in Street Machine.

Oscar Smith, 16, Birmingham, UK