THE subs at the Gold Coast Bulletin really outdid themselves with this headline! That said, SM doesn’t condone racing, burnouts or drifting on public roads and notes that some alleged members of this so-called ‘Mexican Hoon Cartel’ were caught soon after this article was published. On the plus side, the story provoked some thoughtful discussion on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Chris Jarvis – Cartel? Lol, what are they doing? Smuggling tyre smoke out of the country? Tommypanna – Lol, build a wall on Cavill Avenue!

Richard Warhurst – I wonder if the ‘Mexican Hoon Cartel’ and the ‘Mang Gang’ will have a turf war?

Frankie Wren – “This person broke the law while doing something I have not done and do not understand; therefore they are the ones who are stupid” – Australian media.

Carl Carter – What a bunch of tossers. Mainstream media pounce on this and then use it to push their agenda. SM should know better than posting this crap.

350munro – Although I despise the low forms of life that are newspaper ‘journalists’, I would love to see car crushings and huge jail terms for these goons that do this on public roads. It’s hurting the public perception of all car enthusiasts.

davenichols – Surely you were young once? You’re going to tell me you haven’t played up in a car before? And you reckon if I go out to an industrial area and let loose in my pride and joy, should be jailed and have my car crushed? Come on, man.

mattyjh69 – Mate, my first car was a Datsun 1000 that went 0-100kmh in 3.9… days! Big difference is nowadays the suburbs are way more crowded, people walk around staring at phones, common sense is long gone and the cars are way, way more powerful. Most of my stupid stuff was in paddocks on friends’ properties.

350munro – I was young and did some unbelievably stupid shit in cars and on bikes that followed me for years. Most of the shit these idiots are doing is clearly in residential neighbourhoods, a crime that should be severely punished. These are also the very same people who are screaming out for government-funded burnout venues – something that will never happen while they continue their dangerous f**ckwittery on public roads.

davenichols – Yeah I get that, there’s a time and a place, even if it is on the street. But it wouldn’t make a difference to the media or police whether you’re out the back of nowhere or out the front of your local pub. Bring those kinds of laws in and we’ll all pay the price.

Azzgas – If the offending side has to tone down, so does the enforcing side. The “1km over kills” bullshit needs to stop. If the enforcers are going to be so anal and revenue-driven, someone is going to get out there with the middle finger up and show them they can’t control it all.

350munro – Draconian speeding fines are a problem for everyone on the roads, but morons doing burnouts in modified cars in residential neighbourhoods and posting it on social media only has a negative impact on the modified car community. Meanwhile, the teenage girl in her Barina and the soy-boy in his Prius get off scot-free.

Lincoln Godwin – And now I want a burrito.