OVER time, brake fluid can become contaminated, and when moisture is absorbed by the brake fluid, it causes brakes to feel soft, spongy, and not function correctly. A brake fluid service can help prevent sluggish brake responses and improve overall brake performance. Check out Valvoline’s handy new 2.5L brake fluid range at for further details or to find your local retailer.


HQ HOLDENS are getting a bit long in the tooth these days, and a used fuel tank can be both difficult to source and potentially affected by corrosion and other forms of contamination. This new tank from Rare Spares suits HQ and HJ sedans and coupes, but they are also available to suit HX-HZ and other models. For more information, get along to


CLASSIC Mazdas are all the rage at the moment, and good-quality body panels aren’t always easy to come across. But Muscle Car Parts has come to the rescue with a reproduction bonnet to suit Mazda RX-3/808 models, and they are available for $899. For more information or to purchase, head to, or call them on (02) 9821 2229.


THE Holley HydraMat solves the problems associated with traditional fuel pick-ups in both stock fuel tanks and racing fuel cells. During hard cornering, acceleration, stopping, inclines and low fuel conditions, fuel runs away from the pick-up, which introduces air into the system resulting in poor engine performance and even stalling. But the sheer size and coverage area of the Holley HydraMat allows it to pull fuel from virtually any area in the tank or cell and store it in its internal reservoir, eliminating the need for specialty reservoirs and pick-up pumps. As an area of the HydraMat is uncovered, the tiny pores of the media seal off through surface tension, forcing fuel to be contained in the reservoir and drawn from other areas of the mat where fuel continues to be available. For more info call Precision International on 1300 364 350 or visit


CONSTANT development on GM LS applications has led Crow to the development of Fat Lobe grinds with much greater duration, to increase area under the cam and produce a much longer and stronger torque curve. Lowend driveability is also greatly improved, which is rapidly making Crow’s unique Fat Lobe profiles the number-one choice of LS tuners around Australia. A large range of Fat Lobe LS cams are available for normally aspirated, turbo, supercharged and LSA engines, matched with PAC Racing dual springs at special kit pricing. For more information, head to


AEROFLOW one-wire, self-exciting alternators are now available to suit Chevy and Ford, in 100amp, 120amp and 140amp models. They can be had in your choice of chrome or black finish, with billet nosecones and fan upgrades also available separately. Aeroflow also has a special shim available that will let you fit a Chevy alternator to your Holden V8 and some six-cylinder engines. For more information or to find your closest distributor, call Rocket on (02) 8825 1900 or visit


IF YOU own a Falcon of the XR to XY persuasion and want to keep the look of the original radio but like to listen to your favourite tunes without the snap, crackle and pop of old, get onto this. It’s a copy of the XR GT radio, complete with fauxwood surround and the station names of the 60s on its face. The difference is it plays AM/FM radio, iPod/iPhone, MP3, USB and Bluetooth and comes with kick-panel speakers. For more information head to


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