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HI GUYS, just a suggestion for a section or competition for car photography (amateurs only). Maybe the prize could be that at the end of the year the winner gets to hang out with the guys photographing Street Machine Of The Year and/or Summernats? It would be minimal cost to you guys and lots of good publicity for the car shows that are out and around, and I think just hanging out with your guys and seeing professional automotive photographers work would mean you could learn a lot and meet some great people.

These pictures are ones that I took at the EH Club of NSW car show. None of the cars are mine; sadly my EJ ute and wagon have been in storage for 13 years, but hopefully will be drivers again one day.

HEY Andrew! We did something similar a few years ago and Shane Sharp won a trip to Summernats as part of our team. Might be worth trying again! – Telfo

Andrew Skiller, via Facebook


GOD I hope you guys do a feature on Tony Netzel’s ’61 Plymouth Belvedere (below and right) from the Powercruise USA feature (SM, Oct ’18). The pro street styling takes me back to the late 80s and early 90s. Brilliant!

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I NOTICED that Summernats is intending to implement another lane for burnout enthusiasts. I thought of some names for the new lane; not sure if they’re any good, but here are a couple of names that could work for you: 1. Skid Row 2. Sidewayz 3. Slippig (slippage)

4. Burn4You 5. Let Loose 6. Let It Rip 7.

The Haze Anyway, hope it helps!

Robert Tripp, email THANKS mate! I think Skid Row is the unofficial winner! – Telfo


G’DAY, Brian Plankkman here. just spent the weekend with me young fella Redmond and we got on the turps. Redmond even brought a carton with him; first time he’s had a shout. Normally he wouldn’t shout even if a D10 ’dozer parked on his foot!

Anyway, the loyal old-school readers might be interested to know I still got me Belmont ute. She runs a 186 red and sounds like Olivia Newton-John reaching climax at full noise.

A few years ago I emptied me cash drawer and purchased a VE 6.0-litre ute from Bathurst Holden, and bloody hell, the thing would pull a sailor off me sister it is that strong! Last Fridee night we went to Blaney Chinese for a feed and on the way home I gave the ute the berries. We got home before the dim sims got cold – that friggin’ EFI Chev goes like a pill freak at the Big Day Out.

Jeez, it’s a shame that these days local blokes can’t buy a Holden ute. I blame the Leyland Brothers – they started all this offroad rubbish. Really, who wants to go look at red rocks and lizards in low-four at 3mph? I remember when I was a young fella we used to fettle the old donk in the FX-FJ to try and pull 100mph – or the odd jilly from Bathurst Ag College. A 186S badge was worn with honour. Seems these days the young bulls are too busy chasing Pokemon on Facebook to worry about holding a Holden throttle flatter than hammered shit.

Bloody hell, I cannot believe we live in a sunburnt country that will not support a locally built V8. We might as well be New Zealand with more vowels!

Brian Plankkman (transcribed by Redmond), email


HI THERE, Street Machine! I’m wondering if you can help me find the last car my dad built before he passed away. It was a candy apple red XY GT-style ute. Once Dad sold it, the next owner had it featured in Street Machine, we think in the late 80s or very early 90s. Can you guys tell me what issue it was in?

G’DAY William, we’ve had a good look through the early issues and I reckon we featured at least half-a-dozen tough XY utes back then, in just about every colour except red! Your dad’s ute may have been featured in Performance Street Car or Street & Custom, though. Does it ring a bell with anyone out there in reader land?

William Rule, via Facebook


MY six-year-old son, Guy Lambert, regularly opens my SM mag before I’ve even got home from work. Last week he had this drawing at the ready when I arrived. He’s always drawing cars and would absolutely love to see it in the magazine.

Gary Lambert



OUR mates at MOTOR magazine recently took the 2018 HSV Camaro 2SS for a drive. HSV? Yep, Holden’s performance arm has taken Chevrolet’s iconic, V8-powered, rear-drive muscle car and converted it to right-hand drive for the Aussie market. That means it ain’t cheap though; it will sell for $85,990 before on-roads – $20K more than the Mustang. It’s powered by 6.2-litre LT1 V8 making 339kW and 617Nm, but it’s available only with an auto transmission. So the question is: Would you buy one?

Dan King – Rather a Mustang and the extra $20K in my bank.

Ben Thorson – You’ll need that 20 grand to repair it after it drives into a crowd.

Jason Burow – For sure the Mustang is a better deal, and the Camaro is a joke considering I got a Gen-F2 GTS with a supercharged LSA with 430kW out of the box for less – that’s the problem.

Dan Heinz – Mustangs will depreciate 20 times faster. Money to burn.

Jefferson Bayliss – Waste of time and money. Why don’t they get the factory to build them in RHD like the Mustang?

David Sanford – GM only thinks about America.

Andrew Jackson – Why don’t we just change the rules so we can drive them lefthook?

Tristan Edmonds – Yawn, that review reads average at best. It’s 100 per cent overpriced – BMW M2 territory.

Ricky Roberts – Hope the ZL1 version follows.

Cherie Cox – It does not compete with a Holden.

Eli Rose Could buy dirty old Commodore, – a build it to outrun one of these every day and still have cash left in the pocket lol!

Sandro Grazioli – Cheaper to put a Chev badge on a Commodore.

Andrew Fraser – All that conversion work and it will be replaced soon anyway with the new model with the new 10-speed ’box, etc. Why would you bother buying one now? Darren Robertson – I was at HSV last Friday when you journalists were having a look around. Very professional build and you can see where the dollars are. Looking forward to my delivery date.

Glen Neeves – Please for the love of God, use the Camaro in the Supercars championship instead of the new shitbox Commodores.

Mark Wright – It’ll come eventually. The factory will be producing RHD manuals and then we can all smile.

Tom Raditsas – Surely they could bring it in as a roller. Then it would import under the luxury car tax price. Why put the engine in at the factory on these cars and then take the engine out again for the conversion here?