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“I FOUND my HZ by the side of the road back in 2010; I paid $2200 for it. I only got into the build in 2015 and the car was up and running for Australia Day 2017. It was originally only going to be a cruiser, but things got a bit out of hand. The car was built in the shed by my best mate Justin and me. I decided on the top-mount blower and to stick with the standard-stroke Holden 308. VN heads were used with just a basic clean-up and the bottom end got four-bolt mains thanks to Chris’ Porting Service. She runs on E85, with 650 DPs on top to get it into the engine, and with around 12psi of boost. A Preston Automatics T400 goes back to a nine-inch diff, and 255 tyres give it enough traction to get you most places. The black Draglites break up the white paint. Last time on the dyno it got to around 500hp at the wheels with 1150Nm of torque. Best quarter so far is 10.52. Although the hardware is obvious, she still has full street rego and gets driven fairly regularly. Planning on keeping her in the family forever.” Photos: Shaun Tanner


“I PURCHASED the originally Ivory Gold ’66 Mustang in February 2012 as an unfinished project from the USA. It was in primer, but came with all the new chrome bolt-ons, lights and interior, along with the original 289 and C6 auto. We stroked the 289 out to 347ci, pushing out 450-500hp. The motor runs a Comp Xtreme cam, JE forged pistons, ported and decked RHS alloy heads, Holley Sniper EFI carby and MSD ignition. The 1¾-inch extractors and three-inch custom pipes are thanks to Moolap Mufflers. The strengthened C6 auto runs a 3500rpm stall, and we put a 3.55:1 nine-inch diff with 31-spline shortened axles under the rear thanks to Matt from Geelong Diffs. The car runs Wilwood brakes all ’round, housed within Simmons FR rims –18s on the front and 19x8.5 on the rear – and she rides on Pedders suspension on all four corners. C&N Vehicle Trimming redid the roof and stock interior in black leather with red highlights to complement the 2K black paint, which was laid on by James at Lara Panels. The car was finished earlier this year and now the family cruise in it as much as possible. During the build, I also bought this 351-powered 1982 XE ESP, running on Pedders suspension with Simmons wheels.” Photos: Greg Forster


“IT WAS a dream of mine to own something old-school since was a young boy, something that could cruise and race at the drags. I came across this LC Torana as a rusted roller and did a full ground-up resto on it. It took me around five years and a fair few beers to build it, with a lot of long stressful nights and quite a few hiccups along the way, but we got there in the end. It’s a 308 stroked to 355ci running on E85 with a Quick Fuel 1050 carby, but I’m currently installing a Holley EFI kit. It’s got COME Racing 600-series alloy heads, monster solid-roller cam, Yella Terra shaft-mount roller rockers, COME stroker kit, steel billet crank, and custom 17 /8-inch headers into twin three-inch pipes. The donk is backed by a manualised Powerglide with transbrake and big converter, and a nine-inch diff with 31-spline axles and full-spool centre with 4.11 gears. A six-point rollcage was installed, and the car has also been mini-tubbed, with adjustable upper and lower control arms and a coil-over rear end. I’m hoping to see a nine at the drag strip. It sounds angry and turns a lot of heads. Massive thanks to Farrer Race & Performance for a killer reliable engine, and a shout-out to RWS Industries for the 24-hour on-call electrical support. I couldn’t have done it without the support from my wife, two girls, my dad, uncle, brotherin-law, cousin and good mates who helped throughout the whole build.” Photos: Mitch Hemming