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Geoff Scard, email

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I TAKE my hat off to Scott Taylor and the Carnage team for assembling the Dodge for the Cobar trip Ė so many proven old-school methods in compromising and adapting components to fit. Scottís meticulous approach to preparing parts is to be admired.

Telfo looked a little bit nervous about the shrinking timeframe, but the lovely old Phoenix will be Ďreborní and will live to fly again with some serious grunt it didnít have in 1963! I bet Telfo will want to have a fang around in the finished project! Canít wait to see videos of Mr Dodgey in action.

Thanks for a great project on a great old car!

Geoff Scard, email


HEY guys, whatís happening with Aiden Taylorís VL? The first video was posted over a year ago. Is it done yet?

Your VL is the same colour as my first car (I wish I did that one up). Hereís a pic (top left) of my VL, just back on the road. Not quite your beast, but at least it might be some motivation. It runs a Series 1 RB25, budget-built with mostly second-hand parts. HKS 3037 turbo, stock bottom end, manual, and it made 400rwhp on 98 at 20psi. Iíve had the head off, got a 6boost manifold, Kelford 272 cams and springs from NZ and an MLS gasket. Iím still running a 28-spline Borgy with 4.11s and no worries. Hoping to see over 500rwhp on ethanol, and itís daily-driven.

So yeah, where are you up to on yours?

Sjoerd Stoker, via Facebook

HEY mate, looks great! Yes, my VL (bottom left) is nearly finished! Itís my personal car so I pay for everything myself, so it takes a bit longer to get things done. But itís pretty much complete; just have to do a couple of things to the rollcage and put the fuel tank back in and itís ready to fire up. I was thrashing to get it done for Drag Challenge, so the whole car got put together in about five weeks, but I didnít quite get it finished in time. More soon! Ė Aiden


HELLO, Iím after photos and info on a black Gemini wagon called OTRON. My uncle, Sean OíDonovan, built it in the late 80s in Perth. Was in one of your mags. Thanks.

Gerard Noone, via Facebook

HEY mate! We love that Gem; Sean was way ahead of his time. It was featured in the Oct/Nov 1991 issue, but is now online at Just search for ĎOTRONí. Ė Telfo


GíDAY Street Machine. Iím just writing in to tell you about my three cars. The first is a Nissan Patrol. I canít drive that until I get my licence because itís in too good condition and it was my dadís. The second car is a silver Proton Jumbuck I drive around my familyís paddock. Itís front-wheel drive, has a five-speed manual and itís powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine. I got it about seven months ago because my pop had no use for it.

The last car is my favourite, since it was my first car. Itís a red Ford Laser GL. The front wheels are driven by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine. This specific model came out in fuelinjected and carburettor models; mine has a carburettor.

Thereís nothing wrong with the Jumbuck ute mechanically, but the Laserís clutch always goes and the tyres always go flat Ė but itís still my favourite.

Iím 15 years old, so in another year or so I should be on my Ls. great mag! Keep up the great work, guys!

Deegan Emery, email


THANKS for one of the best weeks have ever had. Drag Challenge was amazing! I will be back next year, hopefully as a competitor, but if not will be there to spectate again. Thanks again for an awesome week.

Chris Booth, emai


I WAS looking at competing in Drag Challenge next year and was looking over the rules. Just wondering if the car has to have an ANDRA tech and licence or just have sufficient safety items for the speed and mph at scrutineering to be running an 8.0-8.50 quarter-mile.

GíDAY! Yep, you absolutely need correct ANDRA tech for your performance levels, mate. Ė Telfo

Joel Peckham, email



THIS is my son Jaxsonís drawing and letter to you. Heís in Grade 5 at St Maryís Primary School, Swan Hill. He loves your magazine and has a subscription and is car-mad!

Kate Adams, email