SADLY, the Aussie-made Falcon has been missing from our showrooms for over two years now, and Ford will soon be replacing the Falcon V8 Supercar with the current Mustang. As reported by our friends at Wheels, Ford unveiled the new shape at a test a month or so ago in Queensland, and due to the two-door ’Stang body needing to fit the Supercars control chassis (which is designed for four-door sedans), the end result is a pretty funky one. We posted pics of it on our socials to see what SM fans would make of the Frankenstang.

John Upton – I’m not a Ford fan, but it still looks better than the new Commodore.

Geoff Hughes – You guys might like to know that all Ford has done is stretch the Mustang body over the existing car. Engine, gearbox and diff are the same as the Fords running this year.

Kevin Mcdonnell – The body had to fit around the existing Car Of The Future floorpan and rollcage. That’s why the roof is high and the wheelbase is stretched.

Anthony de Jonge – A ’Stang with a sting.

John Sutton – I like the concept but damn, that livery looks atrocious.

Beau Fulton – People seem to want to mock this car for being entered but I wonder what those same people would say if Australian motorsport simply decides to cease racing because the manufacturers shut down. Supercars is simply trying to evolve and stay alive for us, the motorsport fans, but go right ahead and continue to mock Ford and GM for using the only V8 options available to them from their manufacturing plants to keep it alive – or better yet, keep threatening to stop watching Australian motorsport and then see what happens, see how many people bitch and moan about being stuck watching F1 and NASCAR.

Rus Taylor – Absolutely. It’s like the people who still pine over the 70s and the glory days of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”. Those days are gone, deal with it already.

Damian Robins – Will it race against a (Holden) Acadia?

Eric Gale – Tell me that the rear spoiler is a joke; surely there is a better-looking package somewhere in the universe?

Andrew Stewart – You can either make it better looking or can make it handle better and go faster.

Shane Anderson – Mondeostang!

Robert Adams – Are the proportions all out of whack to fit the Falcon chassis?

Josh Bennis – You mean the Car Of The Future chassis.

Troy Dimitrov – How many spectators is it going to crash into?

Rod Maberly – As one bloke said on the Supercars page, it looks like one of those small Aussie Racing Cars.

Mike Smith – Looks like a 90s Honda Integra.

Adam Ki – No way, the Integra looked good. This is junk.

Rob Hack – It’s a two-door Lancer with an Evo wing.

Troy Dimitrov – I nearly spat my coffee out when I read this.