THIRTY-TWO. Apart from being a fairly ideal waist size and the best model-year Ford to build a hot rod out of, it’s a rather nondescript number – except when you’re talking about Street Machine Summernats, of course, because every year keeps topping the one before it.

This year will be no exception, with a bunch of new improvements as well as some updates to the regular happenings to make our favourite car festival even better.

Summernats 32 may well be remembered as a record-breaking year, not just in regard to crowds and entrants, but in many other areas as well. There are a record number of cars being unveiled, it’s a pretty big certainty that the dyno cell will see the biggest numbers ever, and we’re going to bring back the burnout world record to Australia where it rightfully belongs.

One of the integral parts of Summernats has always been the cruising element. In recent years, with horsepower numbers climbing and safety becoming a major concern, there has been a bit of a clamp-down on some of the more exuberant behaviours, but what’s Summernats without a big dose of crazy? To bring some of that back, you’ll now be able to turn off Tuff Street and into Skid Row, where no amount of fluoro vests will stop you having a little bit of fun.

After all, the best way to enjoy Summernats is behind the wheel. Whether it’s cruising, skidding, show ’n’ shining, or all of the above, the ’Nats is the best participant event in the country in terms of the amount of things you can do with your car there. It’s the wildest car festival in the world and it’s in your backyard.

You don’t need a million horsepower and mountain of metal hanging out of the bonnet to have fun. Being a spectator is great, but entering your car and becoming part of Summernats history – that is truly epic.


JUST like warming up the engine a bit before you sink the boot in, heading down to Street Machine Summernats on the Thursday and slowly easing into four days of automotive overload will help you get the most enjoyment out of the experience.

There are at least a couple of really good reasons to do so. Firstly, the City Cruise will be even bigger, with 400 cars – up from 300 – invited to cruise up and down Northbourne Ave, and, thanks to the availability of temporary permits, unregistered vehicles will be able to join in the fun. There are still a couple of rules: you’ll need to come in under 100dB, and if you’ve got some bits of your engine blocking the view, don’t worry – take a passenger with you to keep lookout and you’re good to go. Just quietly, don’t think anyone with a blown car will struggle finding someone to ride shotgun! Gates open at 11am, so make sure you get down to EPIC nice and early to check out the cars as they line up, or find a spot along the cruise route and watch the automotive art show roll by.


The event really starts to heat up once everyone gets back from the cruise and the Last Chance Wildcard Shootout kicks off. Up for the last three spots in the Burnout Masters competition, and you can bet every one of the 25 competitors will be leaving nothing on the line – and by the end of it, nothing on their back rims. Check out the list of competitors; some of the toughest cars and best drivers in the country – and this is just the warm-up act! Even better, those that don’t make the Burnout Masters are still eligible to compete in the regular burnout comp.

We have to make special mention of Dave Cufone, a legend in the burnout scene if there ever was one and a long-time competitor with his killer Chevelle 1FATRAT. Unfortunately the Chevelle was destroyed in a fire earlier in the year, but he’s bringing something new along, so make sure he gets an extra big cheer when he hits the pad.

Once the smoke clears it’ll be time to kick back and relax. There are still three more days of horsepower, rock ’n’ roll and tyre smoke to get through, but in the meantime, head to the drive-in movie.


Kristan Butler – BERZERK (NT)

Britt Kilby – HAMMERTIME (NSW)

Sean Basford – SKIDRAGIN (SA)

Mark Siracusa – ONIT (ACT)

Jacob Warren – SHREDDER (NZ)

Jono Kelly – 3FIVE5 (SA)

Dave Cufone – ??? (SA)

Marc Waddington – WAR-BIRD (VIC)

Sam Lord – BAD HABIT (WA)

Craig Hawke – MONGREL (SA)

Nelson Granger – MCFRY (NSW)

Dean Haining – CHOP (NSW)

Jay Chun Tie – TDY02 (QLD)

Sam Davey – DAMAGE (VIC)

Barry Hall – BLOWN HJ (VIC)

Jason Ballard – HELLRAZOR (WA)

Johno Murphy – TUFF20 (NSW)

Jeremy Bond – FATWH (NSW)

Stephen Marsh – IH8FDS (NSW)

Karl Haining – FAT LX (NSW)

Danny Smith – SOLID (SA)

Matt Watts – BLO202 (VIC)

David Dillon – DILLO (QLD)

Mick Hamon – WIDEOPEN (WA)

Shawn Karn – KARNAGE (NSW)


VISIT the Street Machine stand in the Rare Spares Pavilion to check out our new range of merch. We’ve got a wicked new T-shirt design from Ryan Ford and new ‘Mud Magnet’ kids gear by artist Lee Goode! Also available in limited numbers for the big kids. Plus snapback caps, bucket hats, Street Machine playing cards (each card in the deck has an SM feature car on the back), stickers, temporary tattoos and heaps more.


IF THERE is one thing that gets the crowd going at Summernats, it’s people doing skids on the cruise track. Of course, that type of behaviour tends be frowned upon these days, and it’s not too hard to figure out why. With safety regulations and compliance requirements a big part of any large event, you’ve got to make sure the powers that be are happy, and more importantly, that everyone – entrants and spectators alike – stay safe.

That’s why Summernats 32 introduces Skid Row, a lane off Tuff Street where you can have a bit of fun, safely. At a test run for the new Skid Row, event owner Andy Lopez had this to say: “We’ve been hearing after each event that Tuff Street has been getting softer and softer, so our challenge has been trying to come up with something that’s a little bit sketchier and more fun but in a safe environment, where the entrants can get loose and not have to worry about getting kicked out. We tried to think a bit laterally about how we run Tuff Street. We want guys and girls to go a bit sick in the new Skid Row lane, where they can cut a bit of a skid and have some fun – that’s what the punters want to see as well.”

‘JUST SEND IT’ GUY ALL the way from not-so-sunny Canada is internet sensation and owner of one of the filthiest mullets on the planet, Larry Enticer. Even though he’s a bit different – some loony bloke on a snowmobile – Larry seems to have resonated with Australian fans, particularly in the burnout scene. The Summernats folks reckon it will be a bit of fun so they’ve also hit him up about being the chief steward of the mullet competition.


FRIDAY is when things really start to hot up, with non-stop action on the burnout pad for those that want to get down and dirty, or if you prefer your cars – and your skin – a little cleaner, head towards the Elite Hall and check out the creations lining up to get into the Top 60 show. Somewhere in that line-up will be this year’s Grand Champion and a bunch of cars you’ve never seen before, and that doesn’t include the 18 – yes, 18! – cars that are being unveiled in the Great Meguiar’s Uncover.

Trade halls are also open today, so make sure you scope out all the cool merchandise and parts that are on offer. Don’t bother holding off until Sunday in the hope you’ll get a bargain; you’ll probably find they’re sold out.

It’s also a great day to check out the burnout eliminations, because let’s be honest, some of those cars aren’t going to make it out of there alive and we all love a bit of carnage – it makes for great photos and it sure gets the crowd revved up. One thing that’s a must-see is the Burnout World Record attempt at midday, where we’ll hopefully have a minimum of 120 cars all burning rubber to snatch our record back off the Saudis.

If you want to see all of the toughest cars at Summernats in the one spot, then head over to Tuff Street behind the Main Arena grandstand. It takes a lot more than the biggest engine in the smallest car to impress the judges here. Your car will have to be tough and have near elite-level detailing top-to-bottom. There will definitely be some cars there that you will think belong in the Elite Hall, but more often than not, the owners would rather hang out on Tuff Street.

As the sun goes down and the smoke settles, make your way to the Elite Hall and check out the Top 60. If you don’t like crowds, you might want to leave it until Saturday and have a little more shoulder room, but one thing is certain: You won’t want to miss it.

If you can still hack some more excitement, head down to the Canna Main Stage for live entertainment with hip-hop hooligans Butterfingers kicking off followed by hard rockers Dune Rats. But wait, there’s more. Kick on at the after-party in the Summernats Bar, but don’t forget, there’s still two more days to go!


09:00: Gates open to public

09:00-22:00: Entrant cars cruising

09:00-18:00: Outdoor exhibitors & traders open

09:00-17:00: Haltech Horsepower Heroes

- MPW Dyno Cell

09:00-17:00: Shannons Show ’n’ Shine

Canna Main Arena

09:00-17:00: Exhibition pavilions & traders open

09:00-16:00: Anest Iwata Airbrush Art

Exhibition - Meguiar’s Pavilion

09:00-10:00: Haltech/MPW Tuning

Masterclass - MPW Dyno Cell

09:00-18:00: Isuzu D-MAX Two Wheel

Passenger Rides

10:00-16:00: Kids Club

10:00-15:00; Tuff Street Monsters - Tuff


11:00-20:00: Skid Row open

11:15-12:00: Haltech/MPW Tuning

Masterclass - MPW Dyno Cell

11:00: ACDelco Doorslammer start-up

11:30-12:30: Burnout World Record


13:00-13:30: Blower vs Turbo Dyno

Shootout - MPW Dyno Cell

1300-13:15: Showtime FMX Display - Tuff


14:00-18:00: Summernats Burnout

Championship eliminations

14:00: AC Delco Doorslammer start-up

15:00-20:00: Drift Cadet drift rides

Scruitineering Pavilion

15:00-15:15: Showtime FMX Display

Burnout Pad

16:00-19:00: Grass driving events - Canna

Main Arena

17:00: ACDelco Doorslammer start-up

18:15-18:45: Top 60 Platinum Pass early access

18:45-23:30: Top 60 Finalists Show

Meguiar’s Pavilion

19:00-19:30: Summernats Live - Meguiar’s


19:30-20:30: The Meguiar’s Great Uncover

- Meguiar’s Pavilion

20:30-21:10: Butterfingers - Canna Main


21:30-22:30: Dune Rats - Canna Main


22:00: Gates close to public

22:45-00:00: After Party with Minding

Charlie - Summernats Bar


SATURDAY is always a massive day at Summernats, with so much to see and do that it’s hard to actually take it all in. You can spend all day burning up on the burnout pad, because it will be going off with the qualifying rounds for the Go-to-Whoa, Burnout Masters and Burnout Championships, but you have to make time to head over to the Elite Hall if you didn’t get a chance – or couldn’t get close enough – on Friday night. It probably won’t hurt to get out of the sun for a bit as well.

While you’re travelling to and from the burnout pad, make sure you check out the Shannons Show ’n’ Shine, or watch the driving events as people slip and slide their way around the grass circuit. It’s the one place at Summernats where too much horsepower sometimes is, well, too much.

You’ll also notice a few changes and some new entertainment on the oval that will bring more of a festival vibe, according to the ’Nats team. The big things on the Canna Main Stage on Saturday afternoon will be Fashions On The Field, the Tattoo Comp – which has got so big, it’s been moved to the Main Stage – and the Just Cuts Mullet Comp. It’ll be a big party show from 1pm, with Brooke Evers DJing throughout the afternoon.

If screaming engines and tyre smoke are more your thing, then the last couple of hours of the Burnout Championship eliminations, plus the big guns battling it out in the Masters eliminations, should keep you entertained on the burnout pad.

Finish off the day by heading over to the trotting track and finding a good spot to check out the coolest cars at Summernats, including many of the Top 60 cars, as they cruise around the track kicking up dust in the setting sun. If you’ve still got the energy, hang around f or the fireworks show and hip hop artist 360’s performance, and if you’re a Platinum Pass holder, there’s an after-party just for you with Brooke Evers spinning some more tunes.


09:00 Gates open to public

09:00-22:00; Entrant cars cruising

09:00-10:00: Top 60 Finalists Show - Meguiar’s Pavilion

09:00-10:00: Exhibition pavilions and outdoor exhibitors & traders open

09:00-17:00: Haltech Horsepower Heroes - MPW Dyno Cell

09:00-16:00: Street Finalists Display - outside Meguiar's Pavilion

09:00-16:00: Shannons Show 'n' Shine - Canna Main Arena

09:00-10:30: Motokhana - Burnout Pad

09:00-16:00; Isuzu D-MAX Two Wheel Passenger Rides

09:00-20:00: Drift Cadet drift rides - Scruitineering Pavilion

10:00-16:00: Kids Club

10:00-16:06: Grass driving events - Canna Main Arena

10:00-15:00: Tuff Street Monsters judging - Tuff Street

11:00-20:00; Skid Row open

11:00-13:00; Summernats Burnout Championship Eliminations

11:00; ACDelco Doorslammer start-up

11:15-12:00: Haltech/MPW Tuning Masterclass - MPW Dyno Cell

13:00-13:15: Showtime FMX Display - Tuff Street

13:00-15:00: Fashions On The Field, Body Art Nationals + Just Cuts

Mullet Competition presented by Brooke Evers - Canna Main Stage

14:00-16:00: Summernats Burnout Championship Eliminations

14:00: ACDelco Doorslammer start-up

14:15-14:45: Tuff Street Awards presentation - Tuff Street

14:30-15:30: Rare Spares Street Awards presentation - Meguiar's


15:00-15:15: Showtime FMX Display - Burnout Pad

15:30-16:00: Elite Awards presentation - Meguiar's Pavilion

16:00-10:00: National Burnout Masters Qualifying + Showtime FMX

Display - Canna Main Arena

10:00-21:10: Platinum Main Arena Supercruise Experience

19:00-19:15: Showtime FMX Display

19:30-21:00: Summernats Supercruise - Canna Main Arena

21:00-21:10: Philips Automotive Lighting Fireworks Spectacular

Canna Main Arena

21:30-22:30: 360 - Canna Main Stage

22:00: Gates close to public

23:00-00:30: After Party with DJ Felix - Summernats Bar


IF YOU want to see a range of stunning mullet hairstyles, Summernats is the place to go. It’s been this way since Chic Henry was a boy, but this year there’ll be some extra incentive for those folks who like to sport a squirrel pelt, with prizes on offer for the owners of the most worthy mullets.

It’ll be nothing but business in the front and party in the back when the inaugural Just Cuts Mullet Competition comes to the Canna Main Stage on Saturday arvo between 2-3pm, following the Body Art Nationals and the new-for-2018 Fashions On The Field pageant.


IF THE Yanks can call their baseball competition the World Series because they’re the best in the world at baseball, then the Burnout Masters at Summernats really is the World Finals. With qualifiers coming from all the major events in every part of the country, as well as New Zealand, it really does bring the best of the best to Canberra. It’s the one that everyone wants to win, and they’ll be fighting tooth and nail to claim the crown. With Matt James taking both the win and runner-up in the Masters last year, he’s got two entries again this year, and will be the one everyone is gunning for.

Here’s the list of the competitors that have currently qualified, with three more spots up for grabs in the Last Chance Wildcard Burnout Shootout on Thursday.


Matt James - COMPACT

Rick Fuller-ISDNE

Jack Seaman - LOOSED

Steve Nogas - KILLA-B

Phil Kerjean - TO TEST

Chris Orchard - BALLISTIC

Steve Edsall - SKDUTE

Jake Myers - SI CKO

Thomas Beltrame - INFERNO

Tim Brown - CEMBLO

Darryl Ferguson - SMOKNRAT

Dean Irwin - BLOWN VK

Fred Watson - FEAR

Rob Toheriri - AGROXB

Peter Grmusa - PURE EVIL

Michael Pratten - SPASTIC

Adrian Cuthbertson - SKIDMA

Graham Rowe - GAMBLE

Graham Longhurst - ITSON

Andrew Pool - IBLOWN

Rick Fuller - FULION

Frank Paesel - RUBIOUT

Tim Barby - MOJO

Dylan Kibblewhite-WANKER


HORSEPOWER Heroes has seen some ridiculous numbers come up on the screen over the years. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember when 500hp at the treads was a big deal. Then when people started to work out turbos and EFI, four-digit figures soon became the norm. Currently the record stands at 2083.9hp, set by Jake Edwards at Summernats 28, but rest assured, those numbers will be smashed this year.

Keeping cars strapped down and not tyre-spinning has been a problem for a number of years now, but there’s a solution thanks to Mainline’s ProHub 3000 hub dyno technology. There will be two Mainline ProHub dynos used for the event, and every car will be run on one, making the 2019 Haltech Horsepower Heroes the fairest yet.

To make sure it gets a good workout, a couple of seriously heavy hitters will be doing some exhibition runs. Maurice Fabietti will be bringing the AC Delco Monaro doorslammer to the party, and keeping him honest will be Dale Heiler in the Castle Hill Performance Commodore.

Make sure you bring some good-quality hearing protection, because you can expect numbers somewhere close to 3000hp!


IF YOU want the ultimate experience at Summernats 32, then signing up for the Platinum Pass is the way to go – that is if there are any left by the time we go to print, as there’s a strict limit to the number of passes so that you get exclusive access to every major highlight and the best seats in the house.

There’s a Platinum-only cash bar on the Main Arena where you’ll get the best view of the concerts and the Supercruise. You’ll get a first look at the Top 60 before the doors open up to the general public, and you can even help out as an official during the Burnout World Record! But wait, there’s more! Free parking on all four days and 10 per cent off official Summernats merch.


AT LAST! Sunday. You’ve made it this far and you’re still in one piece. Just well, because there’s still shedloads of stuff to see and do before the doors shut at 6pm. You could say it’s Grand Final day, with the major award winners announced, including PPG Supreme.

The Haltech Horsepower Heroes finals will be going on all morning, and that will be something else to see, with some seriously huge numbers anticipated from some specially invited guests.

Around lunchtime you need to be on the burnout pad to witness the Grand Champion award – that is not to be missed. Getting there early also means you’ll get a prime spot for the biggest and best burnout show in the world, when the Top 10 from Burnout Masters qualifying get to shoot it out and see who is truly the best in the land. After the Masters, the Burnout Championship final continues, to find out who will be inducted into the Masters class next year as the top three will gain automatic entry.


09:00; Gates open to public

09:00-17:00: Entrant cars cruising

09:00-17:00: Outdoor exhibitors & traders open

09:00-15:00: Top 60 Finalists Show - Meguiar's Pavilion

09:00-11:00: Freestyle Fan Grass Driving Events

09:00-15:00: Anest Iwata Airbrush Art Exhibition - Meguiar's Pavilion

09:00-11:00: Heads-up Go-Whoa Competition - Burnout Pad

09:00-10:00: Haltech/MPW Tuning Masterclass - MPW Dyno Cell

09:30-11:30; PPG Vibrance Supreme Entrant Show & Awards - Central Park

09:00-14:00: Skid Row open

10:00-15:00: Drift Cadet drift rides - Scruitineering Pavilion

10:00-13:00; Haltech Horsepower Heroes Finals Showdown - MPW Dyno


11:00-12:00: Grand Champion driving events - Burnout Pad

11:00: AC Delco Doorsiammer start-up

11:15-11:30: Freestyle Fun driving event presentation - Canna Main Arena

12:00-12:30: Driving skills events, Go-Whoa & Street Champion awards +

Supreme Finalists cars presented - Burnout Pad

12:30-12:45: Street Machine Summernats Grand Champion announced

Burnout Pad

12:30-12:45: Haltech Horsepower Heroes Awards - MPW Dyno Cell

12:45-13:00: Burnout Masters Top 10 Finalist Parade & Ball Draw - Burnout


13:00-14:30: Summernats Burnout Championship Final

14:30-15:30: National Burnout Masters Final 10 Face-off + National Burnout

Masters Awards

14:30-15:45: Sunday Show 'n' Shine Standout presentations - Meguiar's


15:45-17:45: Summernats Burnout Championship Final + Awards

10:00: Summernats closes