Itís on E85; my wife doesnít like it too much because she says she smells like fuel after sitting in it!

Thatís a mean-looking machine youíve got there!

Thanks! I bought it without an engine to fix it up and flip it, but I ended up ripping it back to bare metal and starting again. Everything in it is brand new and itís taken about four years to get to this point.

Whatís under the bonnet?

Itís a 408ci LS that made 700hp on the engine dyno. Itís angry-as; it just wants to lift a wheel and the steering gets a bit sketchy above 100km/h. Itís on E85, so I canít drive it very far because it drinks like a fish. My wife doesnít like it too much because she says she smells like fuel after sitting in it! I might put it back on PULP and put some mufflers on it; itís a bit of an animal. It scares me a lot!

That colour is killer, what is it?

Itís a custom-mixed DNA Paints candy that looks like it could be a factory colour, but itís really vibrant in the sun. I wanted something that looked like it could be original but with a modern twist, and it certainly confuses people.

What other cars have you owned?

Far out, Iíve had a lot of cars Ė I think Iíve got about 20 at the moment! Iíve got a few VLs, an XA ute with a 680hp Pavtek motor, a VK Brock Blue Meanie, Kombis, an XY, a VS Senator, a VR Senator, a VN SS Ė the list goes on!

Obviously youíve got a thing for 80s and 90s Commodores.

Yeah, Iíve got a real soft spot for VLs. I bought my first one when I was 15 to drive on my Ls. I reckon Iíve had about 15 of them. My prized possession is an all-original Calais Turbo. Iíve also got a rare VT Senator Signature wagon with a tan Coulson interior and the 355, one of 27 made.

What do you think of the cruise?

I got here a bit late so I havenít got to see everyone Iíd like to, but there are a lot of cars. I just took a bit of a detour on my way home from work to have a look and catch up with a few mates.

What do you do for a crust?

Iím a spray painter by trade and own Breakwater Panels. Iím also co-owner of Boss Burger Co, which has three stores and weíre building another two. work all day at the panel shop, then you I work could most say nights Iím a glutton at the burger for punishment! shop. I guess s