LOVE Toranas? Of course you do! Tell the world with one of these beaut Torana T-shirts from the good folk at Rare Spares. Boldly emblazoned with one of the most iconic Aussie muscle cars of all time, the LX SS, these tees are available in either black or white, and in all sizes, from small all the way up to 4XL – everybody’s covered. If you’re a fan of Toranas, Holdens, or just cool car clobber, grab one from the merchandise section of the Rare Spares website,


EVERYBODY loves to drive a classic old car, but watching the temp gauge rise while sweating bullets can really suck the fun out of it. Well, those worrisome days may be over, thanks to a new electric water pump from Aeroflow. Designed to work with all makes, the brushless pump features a sealed chamber for trouble-free cooling, and it can be completely submersed. Available in either a 4in or 1in inlet and outlet barb size, it can flow over 46 litres of water per minute using a magnetically driven motor. Find out more at


PROTECTING one’s pride and joy from the elements is always a challenge, but CarCapsule USA has come up with a simple way to stop the rot. Available from Summit Racing, these next-level vehicle enclosures keep cars fully protected using the latest tech, including climate-controlling fans and UV-resistant outer layers. Easy to set up and maintain, these airtight cocoons are available in a variety of sizes to suit any car, truck, bike or boat. There are enclosures for indoor or outdoor use, and even a see-through ShowCase bubble. Scope out the range at


DASHCAM videos on YouTube are a hoot to watch, but there are better reasons to have one than mere entertainment, and they aren’t as outlandishly expensive as you might think. Supercheap Auto now offers its own spy eye, which is capable of recording full HD; so the next time some joker pulls out in front of you or backs into you in a parking lot, you’ll have all the evidence you need. At just $95, it’s probably the cheapest insurance you’ll ever get. Available at any Supercheap Auto store or online at


IT CAN be difficult to keep a hotted-up 40-year-old car cool, especially during the long, hot summer we’ve just sweated through. If you’ve got a HK, HT or HG Holden, then the wizards over at AdRad have you covered with their new two-core radiator. A clever super-louvre fin design gives it a lower height, so its smooth aluminium tanks will easily fit under the bonnet. Available in either a high polish or natural finish, it also comes equipped with 14-per-cent thicker water tubes. If you’re interested, call 1800 069 610.


BIG horsepower requires big fuel flow and pressure. There’s nothing more frustrating than having something as small as a fuel pump hold you back from making more ponies – except maybe peak-hour traffic. MagnaFuel has a new in-tank fuel pump, the brother of its ProTuner inline pump, which is capable of supplying up to 2000hp. Even though it’s in-tank so nobody can see it, MagnaFuel offers a choice of either a blue or black finish. Get your juice flowing by calling Automotive Performance Distributors on (08) 8363 5566.


CHRONICLING the life and times of Dave Bennett, founder of the legendary Australian performance brand Yella Terra, ‘Dyno’ Dave: The Yella Terra Story is well worth a read. The book takes you from Dave’s humble beginnings, starting out with a simple tuning company, and follows the highs and lows until his decision to sell the business over 40 successful years later. You can grab one now from