ďTHIS is our 1976 LX Torana sedan. We found it in Toowoomba in a thousand pieces, brought it home and sat it in the carport for a couple of years before the work began. First things purchased were the Rodlite wheels, which are 15x6s with 165/80/15 front runners, and 15x8s with 235/60/15 tyres at the rear. Chrisís Differential Services then custom-made a diff to suit. The smallblock Chev was built by Toowoomba local Tony Bellert from TBRE Performance and has custom Tri-Y extractors by Gonzos Racing Pipes. Itís running a Turbo 350 transmission and a custom torque converter. I cut and replaced all the rust before the body was finished off by Shaun McCarthy at Resident Restorations. It was painted in Lone OíRanger orange with Electric Orange Pearl. Northcoast Custom Trim did the interior, with Cam and Cody giving it a personalised twist. After 10 years the project was finally completed when the registration was finalised and the mod plates were on. Since completion in February 2018 she has won multiple trophies at various car events, which is unexpected as this was our first major build.Ē Photos: Rick Welch


"I BOUGHT my 1969 XW ute in pretty decent condition. The body was as rust-free as you can get; it just needed a new front end. decided to add a steel reverse-cowl to the new bonnet. wanted a clean look but it just needed something, and I think the reverse-cowl allowed me to get away without adding any stripes. The ute had GT stripes when I bought it but they had to go. The condition of the 351ci Cleveland was an unknown, so it was a nervous moment starting her up after getting everything with the engine sorted. After some minor tweaks, it was all good. Itís running a mild cam, C4 auto with a 2500rpm converter and nine-inch diff with 3.5 gears. The wheels are Street Pros, with Mickey Thompson 255/60R15 rear rubber. Interior is all stock XW GT trim, while the paint is a custom 2K variation on Vermilion Fire. The main aim with everything on the ute was to keep everything simple and clean and straight as possible, with no stripes anywhere! Iím pretty happy with how itís turned out. Itís fun to drive.Ē Photos: Jordan Leist


JASON came across his XP coupe in 2013 while having a drink at the Meredith pub. Though sceptical after hearing about this V8 Falcon tucked away in a shed nearby, he checked it out and discovered that the tale was true Ė the two-door had been sitting idle for near on 20 years. Jason dragged the shed-find home and stripped it to the last nut and bolt before rebuilding it. Brad Simpson handled the bodywork and Rob Guljas from Bannockburn Panel Repairs applied the DNA Avatar Blue paint. The rebuilt 347ci Windsor pushes out around 480hp thanks to a Scat crank, I-beam rods, Keith Black pistons, Trick Flow alloy heads and hydraulic-roller cam. A Torker manifold is topped with a 750cfm carby fed by a custom fuel cell, while a manualised C4 with 4000rpm stall converter sends the power back to a nine-inch and Southern Rod & Custom-built four-link. The front wheels are 15x4 Jegs, while tucked inside the rear mini-tubs are 15x8 V-Series Welds. Brand new glass protects the freshly upholstered classic-style interior. Jason would like to thank his wife, and hopes she doesnít sell the car for the price she thinks it cost to build if he dies! Photos: Caprice Photography