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THANKS for Carnage; it’s a great show that I enjoy a lot. I learn lots of tips and tricks so it’s well worth my time.

Quick question for Scotty, as he has experience tuning an LPG-fuelled engine for performance. I have a 1987 Toyota HiLux with a 2.2-litre 4Y engine with 8.8:1 compression ratio, running primarily on LPG with a gas converter/throttle-plate system. This engine was only rated for 70kW (94hp) on petrol. I live in the Blue Mountains, and the puny power output of the 4Y is used to the fullest every day climbing our steep roads. How much ignition timing advance do you reckon I can give it considering LPG has a 100110 octane rating?

I did retain the petrol fuel system, and I only use 91-octane non-ethanol fuel in it, but it may only be used once a year, if only for testing to make sure it still works. I could do without it if aggressive timing advance for LPG might cause pinging on 91 ULP. HEY Brian, here’s what I’d do. If you’re dead-set on running it on petrol at any time, I’d tune it for 98-octane petrol; the LPG has enough octane to cover that. Tuning it for 91-octane and then running it on LPG is going to be a recipe for terrible performance. – Scotty

Brian Stokes, email


I AM contacting you on behalf of my son Harley, who is a very keen car enthusiast. He visits many car shows and events and has developed quite a talent for car photography. He would like to know if Street Machine would be interested in any his images to use in your publication – which he subscribes to yearly and reads a bible!

I have attached some of his work for your interest. I hope you appreciate his young talent and if you are at all interested in seeing more we look forward to hearing from you.

HEY Kalena! Best starting point for Harley is to submit some high-res images to our Sunday Too Far Away section and go from there. He could also approach some mates to shoot their cars for the Readers’ Rockets section. Looking forward to seeing what he can do! – Telfo

Harley & Kalena O’Brien, email


I WAS hoping to get in contact with you in relation to an article you published in March 2017, ‘Custom Kings: Old School Custom Cars Gallery Part 1’ (

My dad Stephen Wilson was the original owner and builder of the Hunchback HT Monaro/panel van. He has been trying to track the car down and we were wondering if you had any information or ideas on how we can find out what happened to the car. It would mean a lot.

HEY Jodie-Anne, nope, we don’t have any info for you, but will be in touch to learn more about this pioneering build. In the meantime, if any of our readers know where Hunchback is lurking these days, email us at and we’ll put you in touch with Jodie-Anne.

Jodie-Anne Wilson-Hocking, email


HOW is this for a story idea: Get Scotty or Boris to go to a big swap meet (Ballarat or Toowoomba) and they have to find a car to buy and fix at the swap meet. They have to buy, swap, sell their way home with the car they bought, buying the tools and spares at the swap meet to get the car on the road and drive it home as cheaply as possible, to prove that cars that are cool don’t have to cost a million dollars. It would be interesting to see what they can turn up and the people they come in contact with.

Do it as a challenge that they have to get a car in Ballarat and drive it to Queensland, or vice versa, buy a car in Toowoomba and drive it to Melbourne. It could be the next Street Machine giveaway car, as a way for a reader or a young person to get started in the hobby.

I think it would show up well on social media for the magazine and the car community. If you do it, good luck with it.

HEY Damien, yeah, it sounds like a great idea. I think it would have to be Scotty AND me, or pick any two SM guys. We’re all dangerous enough around a toolbox to be able to get a car running (hopefully!) Would it be any more expensive than Mr Dodgey? – Boris HI Damien, yep, it’s a cool idea, but it’s also a very expensive idea. – Scotty

Damien Murray, emaill



OUR six-year-old Fred loves drawing cars that he sees in your mag. Today he drew his dream car from his imagination. Check it out!

Karen Annett-Thomas, Bendigo, Victoria



RECENTLY Ford announced a new 7.3L V8 petrol engine to power its new 2020 range of F-series pick-up trucks, which made headlines as first pushrod Ford V8 since the early 90s. Unlike the complex and physically large quad-overhead-cam V8s Ford makes now, these should be more LS-like in the way they can be shoehorned into the front of other cars, which could make for some neat engine swaps in the future. We posted the new engine on our Facebook page to see what you thought.

Brendon Chatfield – Ha ha ha, it’s a Ford LS!

Christopher O’Sullivan – Pushrods are back!

Matt Algie – Finally, Ford gives us something with some actual displacement. Only came 20 years too late. I’ll buy a new Mustang if they can shove a nicer version of this into one.

Luke Borg – At least Ford are doing something good. At GM it’s all girl talk at the moment until they realise they f’d up and bring out some beast of an engine.

Trent Sheppard – Even Ford wants to LS the world. I ain’t mad.

Boyd Carmody – There is no replacement for displacement.

James Matthews – The irony is that Ford and its supporters belittled Chevrolet for persisting with a pushrod V8 only to realise it is better suited to their needs!

Todd Harrison – It’s just the right tool for the right job! A quad cam is great in a Mustang at 5.0L capacity! A big-block quad-cam would be excessively large for packaging needs. Other manufacturers don’t use pushrods either! Not really a Ford/GM argument.

Glenn Pettingill – They should remake the 427 SOHC as a production motor.

Kurt Macka Mckenzie – Yeah, it looks like they copied the LS.

Taylor Trotter – No, they just made a bigger and more modern Windsor.

Troy Papa – Please bring them to Australia!

Sam Whitwikky – All those Ford fans’ comments about other makers and their old pushrods are up in smoke!

Rodney Turner – They need to build a Boss 445 Mustang – that would be awesome.

Neil Feddo – I’m not sure emission specs will suit Australia, that’s why they dropped the old 7.3L.

Stephen Sloany Sloan – Slow-revving, low horsepower, high torque just like any other stock big-block truck motor.

George Zervougeorgis – Means less timing chains and guides to fail.

Sean Smith – I don’t know about a pushrod engine, but it’s a Ford – there’s bound to be some pushing happening.

Simon Clark – Pushrods today, flatheads tomorrow. The future is sounding promising.

Paul Millikan – It’s a big step backwards.

Jayme Lewis – Oh well, if you can’t beat them then join them. Basically a glorified LS rip-off.

Mark Fletcher – They’re nothing like an LS, which is basically a copycat of 1960s Ford designs.

Joshua Tony Perkins – Looks like I’m selling my LS; I’ve found a new motor for my VL Commodore!

Nick Momirovski – Looks like they realised the LS is best and needed to copy it.

Damien Batancs – Ford is determined to stop LS swaps so they made their own.

Bobby Milic – Because no one wants to wait until 6000rpm to feel horsepower.