TUFF Mounts makes proven engine mounts for high-horsepower applications, from classic muscle to new metal. The 2018 Camaro has barely landed on our shores and Tuff Mounts already has superchargers on the brain with its new engine mounts to suit this latest version of the classic Chev muscle car. The new shackles allow up to 15mm of adjustment to help you sneak a blower under the bonnet, while the use of some fancy 83 Duro bushes help keep torque deflection at a comfortable level. For more visit


SO, YOU’VE just shoehorned a powerful donk into your 40-year-old car, and now you need a modern in-tank fuel pump to feed it. The problem is, your tank has no provision for one because it formerly relied on an archaic mechanical pump. What do you do? Easy, you get Aeromotive’s Phantom Fuel System! The kit allows you to fit a high-performance fuel pump to just about any fuel tank, from mild applications all the way up to 2000hp, and can even cater for E85. Call Automotive Performance Distributors on (08) 8363 5566.


DROPPING stuff on the ground is pretty much a given when you’re working on cars, whether it be screws, bolts or even that elusive 10mm socket. It’s also particularly annoying when you drive out of your shed to find a screw sticking out of your nice expensive tyres. Summit Racing now offers a neat solution to the problem, with its new Magnetic Floor Sweeper. As the name suggests, it uses a big magnet to pick up any loose steel and iron that may be lurking in the cracks of your floor, making cleaning a breeze. They’re available now at


TURBOS are a great way to make power, but they often come with one big problem: lag. But there’s a solution to every problem, and the boffins at Turbosmart have thrown their hat in the ring with their new Gen-V Anti-Lag Valve. This fancy new valve allows for incoming charged air from the turbo to be diverted safely into the exhaust manifold pre-turbine wheel with the throttle at low opening angles, to allow for safer spooling of the turbo without potentially damaging any expensive parts. For more information, head to


TOOLS are arguably the most important asset to any car nut, and now thanks to ToolPro you can wrench in peace knowing your tools are safer than they’ve ever been. Dubbed the ToolPro Safe Case Tool Kit, this case is tough enough to withstand rain, dust, and even a car driving over it. Inside the super-hard case is a bunch of pliers and other neat tools, with your choice of customisable foam inserts to suit whatever your tool storage needs require. You can grab one now in-store at Supercheap Auto or by visiting


THE factory-supercharged LSA mills respond well to a good fettling, and Aeroflow has just added to the wide range of go-fast bits available, with a bunch of spicy upgrades including these new billet fuel rails. They’re compatible with either standard or most aftermarket injectors, with dual inlets and outlets with larger –8 ORB fittings for more flow, plus the system runs a return for the fuel to cure hot-starting issues. They’re available now from


WHEELS are one of the hardest things to get right on a car, and Wheel Pros has now come to the party with a whole new range of spinners, to make your life either easier or harder, depending on how good you are at making decisions. One of our favourites is the VN511, a one-piece variation of the Salt Flat Special wheel. An ideal look for classic rods and trucks, it’s available in both 17- and 20-inch sizes, plus the Torq Thrust five-bolt-style centre cap means you can option in a Torq Thrust cap if you wish. Visit