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Phil Minns, email

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REGARDING your Fanging Flick review of Used Cars (SM, Apr ’19), Simon Major is obviously not old enough to remember her, but I can’t believe that the number-one attraction of that movie wasn’t even mentioned! Even though she was in one of the photos, her name didn’t make it into the cast list. I’m of course speaking of the amazing Aussie spunk, Cheryl Rixon, who is pictured in the blue dress sitting on the bonnet of the car. After ‘starring’ in a couple of TV shows here, she took herself off to the US, where Used Cars was probably the highlight of her career.

Also, on page 20 of the April issue, if you look closely you’ll find that Dave Greene’s Zephyr is, in fact, a rare Zodiac. And on page 55, the power of Shaun Colliver’s 460 must have blown the whitewalls off the A coupe’s skinny tyres, because although it says so in the caption, the car ain’t wearing ’em.

Finally, the P76, or P-seventy-yuk as I called them as a kid, was just plain ugly – even the Force 7!

Phil Minns, email


THANKS for making a dream from when I was 16 (1986) come true by featuring my HQ (left) in your mag (SM, Apr ’19). Street Machine structured my life and love of cars. was a mechanic because of your magazine.

The day the mag came out, my partner was sick an intensive care unit, so it made my day and helped me through a bad time.

Dave Steele, email


WAS stoked to hear you’re doing a Street Machine book, Telfo. I lost all my old mags from the 80s in a flood, but so many of the cars from that time are burnt into my memory banks. My only plea is, don’t forget us Chrysler guys! I know there weren’t as many tough Valiants around back then as there is today, but that only made me appreciate them more when they popped up in the mag. Rick Meerveld’s E55, Kon’s VH hardtop cover car and Grahame Shield’s twin-turbo VJ Charger (left) were all hero cars of mine. If I really liked a car, I bought two mags – one to cut up and put on my school books and another to keep! Cheers and keep up the good work.

Neil Sinkinson, Port Lincoln, SA


I’M AN occasional reader of SM’s sister mag, Unique Cars. I like it mainly for the Garage Gurus section, following along the adventures of Glenn Torrens, Dave Morley and the rest. I’m a V8 guy through and through, so I was shocked at myself when I opened a recent issue of Unique and read the yarn on the history of the Nissan Pulsar ET turbo (left).

As a kid, I hated those things, not least because the biggest tool at my high school drove one that his parents bought him for his 17th birthday. But then, I hated all Japanese cars – especially when George Fury started taking Australian Touring Car Championship wins in his Bluebird.

But instead of turning the pages in disgust, I actually enjoyed reading about the ET Turbo and how it was developed by Howard Marsden in Australia to iron out all the bugs found in the lesser Nissan EXA. Sure, they were slow by today’s standards (17 seconds over the quarter for the unleaded version) but some part of me, deep down, is starting to think that an 80s Jap performance car would make a fun toy. Is there something wrong with me? Please send help.

Warwick Woods, Kempsey, NSW


LONG-TIME reader and love the mag overall. However, any chance of more Barra/XR6 Turbo content – feature articles, cover cars and the like? I’m thinking of things like The Impound’s XR6 Turbo, the red BA from Seres Engineering, Maria Passos’s XR6 Turbo built by Dyno-mite Performance, the ONMEDS XR6, the ute from Extreme Street Performance, or even the CRANKY 6 drag car.

What about a comparison article between a GTHO and XR6 turbo, stock versus stock as well as modified, to show how far Aussie cars have come?

Aaron Wilkie, email

SOME great ideas there, Aaron! We’ll ponder the old versus new concept. In the meantime, we have stories in the works for at least a couple of the fast Falcons that you mention. – Telfo


I WAS wondering if anyone knows who won the burnout comp at the 1995 Summernats. The guy I bought my LJ four-door off said the car won the burnout comp that year. It’s a purple four-door, and it was running a 308/Trimatic at the time. I can’t seem to find any information on who won it. I would just like to know some history about the Torana. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew White, via Facebook

Hey Andrew! The winner in 1995 was one Gary Myers in a Ford Mustang (above). – Telfo


THANKS SM and Chris Thorogood – great write-up on the 2019 Queenscliff Rod Run (SM, Apr ’19). Much appreciated.

Geelong Street Rodders, via Facebook


CONGRATULATIONS Street Machine and Dave Carey on your story of the Leyland P76 (SM, Apr ’19). Well-researched and written with a balanced view – a rarity in these days of lazy, populist journalism. I take my hat off to you.

Steve Maher, via Facebook



MY EIGHT-year-old son George loves reading Street Machine and has started to make his own mag of cool cars. This is his latest drawing!

Karen Annett-Thomas, Bendigo, Victoria