TO CELEBRATE the 50th anniversary of Chevy’s COPO program, Chevrolet Performance has built an electric COPO Camaro dubbed eCOPO. While you may think that’s a sacrilegious way to mark the occasion, you should probably know that the eCOPO’s electric motor has been engineered to drop in place of any Gen III small-block, gearbox and all. The new concept car recently ran a 9.83@134mph, so we shared it on our socials and asked the question: Is a silent drag strip the future of racing?

Scotty Warren – If it is, drag racing’s future is stuffed! Electric-powered rubbish.

Ryan Banks – Yeah, I can’t wait to see the top battery cars doing five-second passes – not!

Patrick Grace – Electric Camaro, what a joke.

Bob Coombs – Now I know why my wife rides the washing machine.

KE VO – Batteries are for sex toys, not drag cars!

Chris Stuttard – We race and watch racing because of the sound and the smell of race fuel and burning rubber. It’s just not the same.

Jason Scard – Wouldn’t you be pissed if some Duracell Bunny beat your 10-second fire-breathing methanol-guzzler!

Tristan Edmonds – Drag Week will become Drag Month waiting for them to charge.

Jayde A Riley – Powered by a Dyson V8.

Ben Crockett – It will definitely form part of drag racing’s future as people push the boundaries of battery tech to increase the discharge rate – no different to what has happened with combustion engines. Top Fuellers will still rule, but almost every other category will get electric competition as the battery tech/chemistry improves. Watch the Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube; the Tesla Model S P100D smokes all the street cars on the eighth-mile, and many on the quarter as well. And that’s with today’s tech, not tomorrow’s.

Mike Jones – No future. EVs in their current form are no different to electric cars from 100 years ago. Unless batteries take a huge leap in tech, hydrogen cell vehicles or another system (who knows) will be the future. All these EVs are great for street machiners’ future though, as they aren’t using fuel and leaving it for us!

Peter Kelly – I’d rather see and hear an angry 10-second pass than a silent, well, anything. Nothing, ever, will surpass the spectacle, sights and sounds of internal-combustion race cars.

Simon Wehr – Why drag race an electric car? Just sit at home and do it on gaming consoles; it requires the same level of skill (or lack thereof).

Steven McCloskey – If this is the future of drag racing, I’m out.

Kent Wittke – This would be even more depressing than watching four-cylinder diesel utes racing in the Supercars series.

Tod Cusack – It’s like the electric race bikes at the Isle of Man – fast, but boring. No sound!

Aaron Mortimer – Love it or hate it, nine seconds is nine seconds.

Alex Krstanovic – No doubt electric cars will be fast, but they are soulless. They’re fine for a daily, but not for a toy.

Ian Giblin – The new electric Corvette is being tested at 800bhp, so look out.

Matt Stuart – Nine-second, 1:1-ratio slot car.

Daniel Cooper – I would run the electric motor in my Trans Am for sure. Fast AND pisses off the purists? Sounds fun to me.

Vince Mortale – Nothing wrong with electric. A nine-second quarter is damn good in my books.

Matt Nazzari – Boring. Wake me up when this fad is over.

David Mundy – It comes with a USB full of vroom-vroom sounds to go with it.