JUST about every liquid system in a car has a filter – oil, fuel, air, turbos and so on – so why shouldn’t the cooling system have one? It’s just as likely that crud and muck will build up in your cooling system, after all, so Summit Racing is now bringing coolant filters to the masses. Available in 1.25in, 1.5in and 1.75in-diameter inlets and outlets, the filters are a cleanable stainless-steel mesh deal, with the housings coming in either a polished metal or sleek black finish. Available now at


THERE’S always one big problem when you’re wrenching on your car either at home or in the workshop, and that’s the ability to see that bolt you can’t undo. Workshop lights are your friend in this scenario, and Schumacher has the solution with its new 360-degree inspection light. This one can pivot and swivel as needed, so you can light even the darkest corner of your engine bay. It also has adjustable light settings from 50 to 600 lumens, with a magnetic base and folding hood, which means you should be able to stick it just about anywhere. Available now from


THE current crop of Mustangs are pretty beaut, and now thanks to the wizards at K&N Filters you can make your pony even snottier with minimal effort. K&N has released a new AirCharger intake replacement for MY18+ GT ’Stangs, which improves airflow and lets the five litres of Detroit goodness breath way easier, with increases of over 20hp recorded during testing. The best bit? It should only take around 90 minutes or so install, using all the factory airbox and intake mounts. For more information head to


PLENTY would argue that LS motors are the best evolution in the long line of Chevy V8 mills, but the one department they often lack in is the aesthetics, particularly in the rocker cover department. With the trend of dumping new mills into the noses of old-school rigs growing day by day, Tuff Mounts has released a new pair of CNC billet rocker cover adapters, allowing you to bin the ugly factory items in favour of some period-correct small-block Chev ones. They’re available now at


FAST has long had a range of aftermarket LS intakes, and the company now has a new tunnel ram-style piece for the LS3 crowd. The 103mm manifold can house a selection of stack inserts from tall to short, which can be interchanged to whatever the owner desires. The other neat thing is that it’s made out of polymer, meaning it’s lighter and doesn’t suffer from the heat soak issues that metal intakes do. The new material doesn’t mean a compromise in strength though – this thing is designed specifically for boost and is capable of taking up to 45psi. They’re available now at


THE Castlemaine Rod Shop has been refining conversion kits for some time now, and the team has made the process of dropping an LS into an HK, HT or HG Holden even easier with their new LS conversion sump kit. The new bit of gear is CNC-machined from aluminium with inbuilt baffles, boasting a six-litre oil capacity that still fits around the standard steering equipment. The sump will clear up to a 4.25-inch stroke and still uses the factory LS dipstick. You can grab one now from


YOU’D think that with effectively none built it’d be impossible to get your hands on an XA Phase IV GTHO, right? Wrong. Admittedly, this Classic Carlectables model isn’t a life-sized example, but being the bigger 1/18 scale, it’s likely to be as close as you’ll ever get. The detail on this gem is truly jawdropping, from the period-correct rollcage and GTHO-specific winged sump to the functional suspension and steering. It’s a cool bit of kit, but if you want one you’ll have to hurry, as only 850 examples are being made. Find out more at