Mick, email

Write to: Your Stuff, Street Machine, Locked Bag 12, Oakleigh, Vic 3166 or email Make sure you include your address (not necessarily for publication). Keep it short and sweet!



I’M A long-time reader and have a very open mind about whatever people drive. I have to ask though: Why not AU XR8 vs the V8 Holden for your latest Carnage series? More old VCT Barra loving? We’ve already seen how they go well with the Turbo Taxi and Territory series. And why are you doing up a Chrysler smallblock? Who runs those these days? Hell, I’d rather see you buy a Barra block and hot that up with go-fast bits. An Edelbrock 318 was cool in 1984.

Where’s the LSX love? Jump on YouTube and see all the other really cool 600hp naturally aspirated LS builds. If you put a cool LS build on YouTube you’d potentially have millions of views from across the world and sponsors showing up throwing money at you – not to mention YouTube paying for advertising.

Please come to 2019!

Mick, email

HEY mate! If we did too much LS stuff, people would complain it was boring! We just bought an iron-block SBE LS to plug into the MX-5, and then that whole deal will go into something else down the track, so there is definitely more LS stuff coming. We went with an AU XR6 because that is what we found and it is kind of a fair match-up. Why Chrysler? Well, we have to mix in old-school stuff and we already had a starting point. People still spend heaps on old flathead V8s, four-bangers and grey motors after all. There’s no real science behind any of this, just what we think is fun, what we have parts for and what we can afford.



CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Carey on Bolwell article he put together for Street Machine. It was well-written and a great read. He did a fantastic job of capturing the history and insights from Campbell and combined it well with the details of each model. I think it probably the best single article about the marque that have read – you even managed to use the corporate colours (orange and black) the layout!

Darren Mason, email

HEY Darren, thanks for the kind words! We’d have to agree that Dave’s yarn was a ripper. Particularly pleased you mentioned the layout though; that’s the work of our incredible designer Leah Gionis, who goes to great lengths to ensure every article in the mag has its own distinctive look. Love your work L-Bomb!



HATS off to Scotty on your YouTube channel – bringing Aussie car enthusiasts amazing content. can’t get enough! Thanks heaps fellas!

Kieren Alvarez, via Facebook


YOU have had articles on Mad Max and Maxthemed events before, so why didn’t you cover the Mad Max 40th Anniversary: The Search For Max event at Maryborough Harness Racing Track in February? Very, very, very disappointed.

Rhett Corbett, email

HEY mate, we’ve covered a number of Mad Max events, including the Back To The Max extravaganza in Broken Hill in 2002 and the 2016 show in Clunes (run by the same folks who put on the Maryborough gig). We’d love to cover every show in Australia and NZ, but the reality is we only have room in the mag for about 36 events a year, and another 20 or 30 online, so some shows are going to miss out unfortunately. That said, reader contributions of show coverage for social media or online are always welcomed and appreciated. See you on the road!



SIMON Telford – can you ask photographer Peter Bateman about the photo of screwdriver in the boot lock of Tony Collins’s Landau (right) in SM, Apr-May 1991? Please and thanks.

Redmond, email

We asked Bates, but the reason is lost in the mists of time. Tony, if you are out there, us know? Do you still have the car? Or the screwdriver?


I HAVE been a reader of Street Machine for over 20 years and love your old and recent work.

Over the past 30 or so years I have been lucky enough to own a few very naughty Fairmonts and Fairlanes. I had to do a bit of wheelarch bending to fit bigger rubber, as you do, but I always tried to keep as many of my modifications bolt-on or easy to return to original as possible.

While I have a massive amount of respect and admiration for the imagination, skills and vision of custom car builders of all types, I that too many are using original GT, GS, GTS and GTR cars as a foundation vehicle for their project. Please consider that these cars are iconic legends of our Australian performance car history. After tubbing and chopping and firewall-flattening and so on, its special value as a limited edition or performance model has basically been deleted from history forever.

As I said, I love everything to do with driving, building and modifying cars, but hope that people think really hard when planning their next build about not cutting up a GT or GTR if you can hack into a Falcon 500 or Belmont.

Bill Hardes, email


HI THERE. I live in Casino, NSW. We have our annual eighth-mile drags happening at the moment and our next meet is on 26 May. I’m writing to see if you guys are interested in running an article. Would be great to see you down here and help with some publicity. Big fan of Street Machine magazine. Thank you for your time.

Daniel Murray, email

HEY Daniel, we love cool little country drag strips and would love to race at Casino one day. For everyone else, check out for info and dates.



THOUGHT I would send a picture of my car that my son Koby did (age seven). He always wants me to send his pics into your mag. Hope you like it.

Dave Waddington, Kippa-Ring, Qld



LAST issue we brought you a full feature on our first adventure to Tassie Nats, and while we expected to find a few odd things down there, Benny Burk’s Commodore was definitely unusual. The VK HDT Brock replica burnout car doesn’t house a humble 202, 308 or even an LS. Nope, under the bonnet is a completely standard Barra motor from a BA Falcon. Naturally, we had to share this on our Facebook page; here’s what you had to say about Benny’s treasonous concoction.

Jarrod Wilkinson – Some things should be left alone.

Rick Both – It’s not treason, it’s a great move! Barra the world.

Matthew Holmes – Barra and Brock should not be used in the same sentence.

Dean Agland – It’s no different to everyone who put Chev engines into Ford hot rods!

Aaron Bandy – Anyone with any brains would never make a Brock tribute car with a Ford motor.

Weigo Griffin – This is why we should still have public executions.

Gordon Young – Someone cut Benny’s hands off before he f**ks something else.

Dean Macallef – It’s not a Brock tribute with a shitty Ford motor – more like an insult.

Dean Agland – It’s the only way to make a Commodore reliable!

Robert Reakes – Nice-looking car with a great motor, job well done.

Jason Lord – No no no!

Mark Fletcher – Waste of a good Barra in a crappy bogan car.

Hank Greven – You don’t stick a Ford engine in a Holden.

Oliver Olly – It’s a disgrace to the badge to put a shitty Barra in a Holden. #LStheworld

Dylan Macdonald – Why would you do that?

Andrew Fargher – It’s happening more and more; they’re tough amazing engines.

Adrian Jarrett – Crock, not Brock.

Giordano Luisi – What a boat anchor.

Ben Parker – What a waste of an awesome Aussie engine in that heap.

Troy McCarthy – Awesome work! Tassie represent.

James King – Best of both worlds.

Carl Fando – Almost as bad as an LS swap. What are these guys doing?

Matty Henry – I don’t care about Holden or Fords, I just like the build.

Kayleb Casburn – If you’re going to swap an engine at least do an RB, not a Barra.

Manford Crow – Love, love, love it. I was waiting for this to happen to a Blue Meanie!

Brad Sawyer – Power and reliability, something never heard of in a Commodore before.

Chris Stuttard – The owner should be stoned to death!

Glenn Burney – Even the Holden boys are learning to respect real power.

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