SOME people may say that Daniel Axisa took the easy way out, purchasing a car that was already done and adding a few of his own personal touches, but Iíd argue it was the clever option, not the easy one. If you knew the car from you might think not much has changed; it still wears the same Heron White paintjob and American Racing VN500 rims, even the same driveline, but Daniel has fine-tuned the carís styling and put a bunch of time and effort into detailing Ė especially in the engine bay.

ďThe car was originally built by Steve Strick from Ballarat, then someone bought it and got it all sorted for registration here in Perth, then I got it from him, Daniel begins. ďIíd been looking for a white wellbody for a while; Iíd wanted one for about 10 years and got this one back in 2016. It was built for the drags, so it had a fullspool and 4.11 gears. Iíve changed them out to a Truetrac LSD and 3.55 gears just to make it more streetable. Originally, SJH Race Engines did the motor, so it had a solid cam, but it was like a sprintcar cam, so put a hydraulic-roller in it. Thatís the only thing Iíve done internally to it. While Daniel was swapping the cam out, the old mechanical water pump got the flick in favour of an electric unit, but not much else has changed with the major components in and on the engine; to be honest, there was no reason to stuff around with a perfectly good combination. The mighty 308 has been stroked out to 355 cubes Ė to make it even mightier Ė with a Scat crank and I-beam rods topped with Probe forged flat-top pistons, taking the compression up to 10.8:1. The VN heads help out with the breathing, while some Yella Terra roller rockers make sure the signals from the Camtech cam get through to the valves. Up top, a 780cfm Pro Systems carb mounts to a COME Racing single-plane manifold, while a set of Pacemaker headers work their way back to a twin 2.5-inch system. All up, thatís good for 350hp at the tyres; more than enough Ė for now.

TRAY: A foam mattress has been cut to fit around the wheel tubs and then trimmed in a diamond-stitch pattern for an interesting feature. Makes it much more comfortable at the drive-in as well!

UTE BEAUTY: Daniel hasnít had to touch the paint on the car, as heís stoked with how nice it is, although he did re-chrome things such as the tail-light surrounds and mirrors


What has changed in a big way is the appearance of the engine and engine bay, with Daniel keeping to a strict theme when it came to the finishes of the various components: ďThe engine block was black, but it had a lot of chrome hanging off it. The bay had black inner guards, black firewall, a lot of cabling and wiring everywhere, and the battery was still in the engine bay as well. Now, anything that comes off the engine is black and anything thatís white has chrome or billet coming off it. The only thing thatís missing, only because I havenít been able to find one, is a chrome heater motor. Thatís the only thing that engine bay needs, because if you look on the left side, the master cylinder is chrome but the heater motor is white. To chrome mine you have to rip it apart, and I donít want to do that.

Itíd take a pretty fussy person to worry about such a small detail, but thatís what it takes to get things just right. For instance, check out the symmetry in the engine bay. Daniel was fastidious about it and went to a lot of effort getting everything lined up. ďThe breathers took a lot of trial-and-error to fit close to the radiator and make it all flow, he says. ďWe had to cut the radiator support panel to get them closer and at the same height. Tim from Forged Automotive nailed it in the end.

Even mounting the power steering pump became an exercise in symmetry. Thereís an Astra electric power-steering pump mounted under the front guard on the driverís side, with the reservoir poking through the inner guard in the front corner of the engine bay. To keep the symmetrical theme going, Daniel mounted the radiator overflow bottle on the opposite side. All of that work would have been lost in a satin-black engine bay, so Daniel took the car down to Sam and Cassie Rhodes at Vulcan Panel & Paint to get the firewall and inner guards painted body colour, taking out all of the unnecessary lumps, bumps and holes in the process.

Daniel also did a fair bit of work on the interior, which, once again, hasnít changed dramatically, but itís a lot neater and cleaner than it used to be. ďThe seats and carpet were all new, but Iíve ripped the whole dash out and everything is new there, he says. ďI put white dials on the gauges and new lenses and added a RetroSound deck. Under the seat thereís a sub and amp, the speakers are tucked under the dash and the tweeters come out of the vents either side.

Holden restorers should look away now. The centre console is a genuine GTS one that Daniel cut up to suit: ďI got my little Dremel out and cut off the armrest to suit the bench seat, he says. ďItís registered as a three-seater. Iíve got two girls Ė a five-year-old and an 11-year-old Ė so I take them to school sometimes. People ask me if Iím going to put bucket seats in Ė no way! Iím glad itís a three-seater.

The whole theme of the car, according to Daniel, was to create a 2018 Factory Improved HX Ute, and thereís no doubt heís improved Job on every done! aspect s of this car, both mechanically and aesthetically.

BELTED: With an electric water pump and electric power-steering from an Astra, the only belt Daniel needs to run is for the alternator

RIMS: American Racing VN500 rims are pretty close to an upscaled GTS rim, perfect for the updated OEM look that Daniel was after



Paint: Heron White


Type: Holden 355ci stroker

Inlet: COME Racing single-plane

Carb: Pro Systems 780cfm

Heads: VN

Cam: Camtech hydraulic-roller

Pistons: Probe forged flat-top, 10.8:1

Crank: Scat

Conrods: Scat I-beam

Exhaust: Pacemaker headers, twin

2.5in system


íBox: Fully manualised Turbo 400

Converter: Dominator 4000rpm stall

Diff: 9in, Truetrac centre, 3.55:1 gears


Front end: Stock

Shocks: Pedders

Steering: Astra electric power steering

Brakes: Hoppers Stoppers discs


Rims: American Racing VN500;

17x8 (f), 17x9.5 (r)

Rubber: Federal; 235/40ZR17 (f),

255/40ZR17 (r)


My partner Aleisha; my mate Hydar;

Tim at Forged Automotive; Tony at

Boat & Car Excellence; Sam at Vulcan

Panel & Paint