THE 2019 Bullitt Mustang is a timeless car, and a key part of that signature look is its five-spoke wheels. The Carroll Shelby Wheel Company certainly seems to agree, having released a new CS11 alloy wheel for the new-gen Mustangs. Made from cast aluminium, they measure 20x9.5 and 20x11, giving your Mustang the ideal stance it deserves. Grab some now at


THE Racepak RP250-DS-IQ3S Street Dash allows you to have all the datalogging technology, information and warnings you need, while still keeping the basic rpm, speed and temperature readouts found on OEM dashboards. The dashes are compatible with over 20 aftermarket EFI systems, as well as OBD 2 or up to 32 individual sensors, depending on your needs. Itís an easy and compact way to monitor your engineís vitals without having 40 different gauges on the dash. Theyíre available now from Automotive Performance Distributors on (08) 8363 5566.


PISTONS are a pivotal part of any engine, because letís face it, if they donít work, nothing else will. You need goodquality stuff, and JE Pistons has released a new piston featuring thicker crowns and ring lands, premium nitrided steel rings, ceramic crown coating, a carbon-steel ring pack, upgraded wrist and a new Grain Flow Optimised forging technology. In short, theyíre a really trick piece of kit. Theyíre available for a whole host of engines; find out more at


THESE days itís getting nearly impossible to get custom glass made to a high standard, and thatís especially a problem if you plan on cutting down the roofline on your hot rod or custom for that killer chopped look. Thankfully, the guys at NZ Custom Auto Glass have you covered for all your custom glass needs, having proved their worth by fitting out show-winning cars such as Andrew Mitchellís Lincoln Zephyr coupe, which took home the George Barris award at MotorEx 2015. For more info visit


IF YOU donít upgrade your pushrods as you upgrade your horsepower, youíll be crying all the way back to the engine builder. Summit Racing knows this, so the company offers its HDR thick-wall pushrods, helping you lift your dyno figures without suffering from nasty pushrod deflection. Made from stainless, heat-treated 4130 chrome-moly steel, these pushrods have a 210-degree ball movement for maximum rocker clearance and valve lift. Theyíre available now at


MODERN-day Mustangs are a pretty beaut thing from the factory, but we arenít interested in factory-fresh cars here at SM. Neither is Mustang Motorsport, which is why the company offers a range of blower kits for the fire-breathing Coyote V8. This particular example is the Phase 1 kit, which consists of a Roush 2.65L blower that can bring your pony up past the 700hp mark. If thatís got your tail wagging, then head to


THE #Barratheworld trend seems to have as much momentum behind it these days as the LS craze that has been sweeping through the modified car world for some time. Tuff Mounts has always been a pioneer in custom engine-mounting tech, with a solution to just about any engine conversion you can dream up, and this particular pair of mounts allows you to shoehorn a Barra into the nose of any XA-XF Falcon with ease. The kit even comes with the necessary sway-bar and mounts needed to get those four litres of straight-six fury into its new home. The kits are available now from