Auto Trawling

Here are some of the delectable motoring canapés to be savoured from our brothers at our sister publications Wheels magazine, Motor magazine and Street Machine. All three have on-site search engines and are updated regularly, so enjoy! (And give the QR codes a go.)

It’s not very often a Ferrari Enzo, the benchmark supercar of the Noughties, comes out to play. So imagine the rarity of seeing an Enzo FXX, the strippedto- the-bone, ball-tearing hardcore version hammering down an airstrip.

Guy Martin, Isle of Man TT racer, spanner-man, maniac and legend in the motorcycle fraternity, got the chance to pedal one of the rarest supercars in the world at a Supercar Driver event. Lucky boy.

Play this video in a public place with the volume on full and wait for your brain to melt. drives-ferrari-fxx/

Damion Smy, grinning ear-to-ear, spent a day with Chrysler’s new 300 SRT. “It’s charming, it has a theatrical quality which wins you over, and then it’ll smash a 13-second quarter-mile in the wet,” he says. For HSV money, it’s not as capable as a Clubby according to Damo, “but it does have launch control, a trip computer to measure your drag times and it idles like an old-school muscle car, like an old Charger, but with leather seats and wearing a suit.”

Check out the potential future classic at chrysler-300-srt-review/

Editor Telf, sunnies and sombrero donned, pointed the EJ toward Big Red and planted it. The inaugural Red Centre Nats in Alice Springs, which invited the wildest, the loudest and the hottest metal in the land to the heart of Australia to celebrate their love of cars.

The Street Machine lads had a look, a listen and probably smelt everything from Corvettes and Toranas to hot rods, utes and even a couple of supercars in a festival of burnouts, show 'n' shines, drags and a whole lotta cruisin’ and rockabilly rumbling. Unshaven and covered in sand when they returned, you can check out the street parade and all their roving reports by visiting 1509/video-red-centre-nats-streetparade/