Ever been tempted by the idea of an investment car to buy and then squirrel away in a lock up for a few years? Most of us at Unique Cars have. The trouble is, your shiny investment vehicle might look great now, but three years down the track, its resale value could well nosedive if the paint’s gone flat, there’s a family of brushtails living inside and there’s so much mildew on the seats that the interior resembles a biological weapons lab. In which case you need a Carcoon. With a six stage filtration system and low energy 12v fans, these keep your car clean, dry and protected from Mother Nature.

They’re not even that expensive either, with prices starting at $1190.

See for details.


It’s a sad fact of life, but if you love your car or workshop, you can guarantee there are others that covet it too who will go to great lengths to get their grubby paws on it. Help secure your garage with a CCTV package from Radum. This includes an array of four outdoor bullet cameras and indoor dome cameras that you can mix and match as required and a separate four-channel HD digital video recorder. For $1364 you get the kit with all the required leads. Hit up if you feel you could use that extra peace of mind.


Everybody loves a head-up display right? Even if you don’t get the opportunity to scream “I’ve got missile lock” at regular intervals, there’s still something very cool about seeing data projected onto your windscreen. Australia Sinco Tech have a budget way to achieve this, with this unit that plugs into the car’s on-board diagnostics port. It’s only $35, so it makes a decent workaround if you have an older car with a faulty speedo. See for more.


How often have you dropped a bolt or screw into the nether regions of your car and wondered how in hell you’re ever going to get it out? Imagine the next 20,000 miles on the road accompanied by a symphony of rattles caused by errant fixings, washers and driver bits.

Not good. The flexible aluminium shaft magnetic pick up tool from Sidchrome could be your saviour, able to worm its way into the most inaccessible nooks, crannies and crevices. Go to and find it under the ‘Fastening’ tab.


On some summer days, if you close your eyes and concentrate hard enough, you can probably hear your car cooking. Ultraviolet light flattens your paint and destroys rubber and plastic parts over time, so anything that slows down that process is more than welcome. NOAH custom-fit car covers feature a waterproof, breathable four-layer composite structure developed by Kimberley Clark with the soft touch necessary for today’s water-based paint finishes. Look ’em up at


We’ve covered retro-looking radios before in Gearbox, so here’s something unashamedly modern. The Pioneer AVH-X8750BT has all the smartphone connectivity you need. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink, Bluetooth – it’s all here. There’s a hefty 7-inch touch screen so you can stream your playlists to it or even chill and watch a movie.

If you love the appeal of a classic but want your modern creature comforts, this Pioneer unit is certainly an option. Make every night a night at the drive-in at


16 Get youself a Narva 71004 hand-held spotlight and you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. With powerful 2000-lumen LEDs and a rechargeable lithium battery it’s invaluable for breakdowns, looking for an address at night or to melt the retinas off a copperhead when you’re camping. Pro tip: Unless you’re wearing a welding mask, don’t test it by shining it into your face.