Melbourne Scrubs up


Even when they’re sitting still, supercars are still fast. They look like spaceships ready to lift off from terra firma and propel your dreams further and higher than you thought they could reach.

In 2015, Motorclassica will celebrate 50 wondrous, tyre-frying, flame-spitting years of the supercar. Never have so many of the world’s rarest cars being gathered together in the one place in the southern hemisphere and Unique Cars will be there, October 23-25, jaws agape and eyes as wide as saucers.

It was in 1965 that Lamborghini launched the Miura at the Turin Auto Show.

Regarded as the world’s first supercar with its throaty V12 mid-engined layout, bonkers paint colours, and a slinky silhouette that still sends shivers down the spines of youngsters and codgers alike, it was the start of something that would change the motoring world forever. By contrast the Ferraris of its era suddenly looked agricultural. Everything had changed.

To share in this celebration, we’re offering Unique Cars readers a little ‘thank you’ to go with your Motorclassica experience. Visit the website and enter the Unique Cars code BAUMED2015 on the ticketpurchasing page and you’d get a sweet little discount.

Not only will supercars get a slice of birthday cake, so too will the Dino brand and Shelby Mustang (50 years), 70 years of MV Agusta for the bike-heads among you, and the Bugatti Club of Australia will get their piece of the golden anniversary pie. Theodore Bruce will hold its traditional Saturday night auction, where an uber-rare 1954 Bentley Type R Continental sold last year for over a million dollars.

There's an eclectic mix up for sale this time, including a rare alloy-bodied XK120 that may qualify as the barn-find of the year.

The Lorbek Club Sandwich will also fill the Melbourne Exhibition Building’s car park and grounds with more classic cars than you can wave a chamois at.

With the rarest supercars from every corner of the globe, in Melbourne for this one weekend, Motorclassica 2015 is absolutely not to be missed.

So direct your browser to the Motorclassica site for your discounted tickets and we’ll see you there October 23-25.